Considering Hybrid and Electrical Mechanic Training? Here are 3 Affordable EVs on the Market in 2023

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly accessible. Getting an EV used to be a fevered dream that came with visions of breaking the bank, but these days, EVs regularly sport much lower price tags than fossil-fuel-powered cars. And as EV technology continues to evolve, they’re fast becoming the most practical options.

Some EVs qualify for rebates, making them even more affordable for regular users looking to go electric. If you’re wondering whether taking up hybrid and electrical mechanic training is a smart future career move, a look at just how affordable (and therefore marketable) EVs currently are can help ease your concerns. Here are three of the most affordable EVs on the market in 2023.

2023 Nissan Leaf

When the Nissan Leaf hit the market more than a decade ago, it was acclaimed as one of the first to do so. Nowadays, it’s more famous for being one of the cheapest EVs available. It remains one of the best-selling. And with features such as an 8-inch touchscreen, a blind-spot warning system, and automatic emergency braking, it’s easy to see why.

Better charging infrastructure and lower prices are combining to make EVs irresistible.

The Nissan Leaf packs a 40kWh battery which makes it good for a range of 240 km on a single charge. That’s enough for most daily commutes.  Additionally, the Leaf qualifies for a federal rebate and other provincial programs.

2023 Chevrolet Bolt

The Chevrolet Bolt prioritizes substance over style, but that’s not to say that this EV is without its charms. Its 417 km range on a full charge leaves most of its competition trailing in the distance, while its recently installed infotainment system keeps users entertained on those long drives. Speaking of which, it can go reasonably fast as well. From a starting position, the Chevrolet Bolt can accelerate to 96 km/h in six seconds flat.

With EVs becoming more accessible, now is the best time to become a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic.

The Chevrolet Bolt’s price has decreased steadily over time, and right now, it’s among the cheapest EVs available. Without even considering the rebates and incentives it qualifies for, that’s outrageous value for money.

2023 Mini Cooper SE

The Mini Cooper is like a reverse Bolt: big on style and panache but not quite as impressive in the performance department. It can still go from 0 to 96 km/h in around seven seconds, and its 183 km range is pretty reasonable. The Mini Cooper is ideal for people who want to make short commutes in the trademark Cooper Style. 

This EV is more expensive than others on this list, but it does qualify for hefty rebates, making its price tag more manageable. 

Why You Should Become a Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Mechanic

As the world moves closer to a departure from gas-powered cars and as EV technology becomes cheaper and more advanced, registering for EV mechanic training is a smart, forward-thinking move. Qualifying as a hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic makes you versatile and flexible and potentially opens up the possibility of a steady, regular source of income. 

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