Considering Auto Detailing Training ? 5 Differences Between Detailing and a Traditional Care Wash

For many vehicle owners, the difference between a car wash and an auto detailing service can be confusing. While car washes are quick and simple, often offered at drive-through locations, auto detailing is an in-depth and involved procedure, performed by a trained professional. However, it’s just as important for vehicle owners to invest in frequent detailing as it is to visit the car wash. Auto detailing provides important preventive maintenance, restoring the condition and appearance of vehicles to extend their lifespan.

At ATC Toronto, you’ll receive hands-on training in the auto detailing field. Our course will prepare you to perform detailing services for customers such as engine cleaning, defogging the headlights, shampooing the mats, polishing and dressing the tires, and polishing and waxing the exterior. Below, read more about the difference between a car wash and an auto detailing service.

1. Auto Detailing Protects Vehicles from the Elements

When customers visit a car wash, it’s because they want their vehicle looking clean and new. However, automatic car washes can create micro-scratches, as the power brushes and rags used can be harsh on a vehicle’s surface. When completing auto detailing courses, you’ll learn how to deep clean a vehicle’s exterior without causing any harm to the paint. You will use clay bars, polish, and wax to enhance the appearance of the exterior, while protecting it from the harmful effects of UV rays. UV rays can cause a vehicle’s paint to fade and chip, but polishing and waxing provides vehicles with a layer of much-needed protection.

Pros in an auto detailing career are focused on detail, whether it’s cleaning the exterior, interior, engine or wheels

2. Auto Detailing Preserves it’s Value

Have you ever wondered why used cars look so, well, new? In fact, most used vehicles will pay a visit to a detailer before being put up for sale. Often, mechanics suggest preventative maintenance such as oil and tire changes to enhance the value of a vehicle, and with auto detailing, it’s no different. A car that visits the detailer once a year will be less prone to rusting and premature wear and tear, and in the long run, this will enhance the vehicle’s market value when it comes time to sell. 

3. Increase Efficiency with a Well-Cleaned Engine

Not only does a detailer clean the outside and inside of a car, but in an auto detailing career, you will also need to clean your customers’ engine. At ATC Toronto, you will learn how to clean a car engine in a way that both reduces the buildup of dirt and debris and enhances its efficiency. Regular engine cleaning also reduces the risk of expensive and time-intensive engine repairs. At ATC Toronto, students can practice their skills on actual engines, helping them to confidently perform this service for their future clients. 

At ATC Toronto, you will learn how to safely clean an engine to maintain a vehicle’s efficiency

4. Detailing Increases the Safety of Cars

When customers come into a shop to get their cars detailed, it’s mainly to improve the appearance of their vehicle. What they often don’t know is that getting their car detailed also increases the safety of their vehicle for them, their passengers and other people on the road. Whether dirty headlights are obstructing visibility or dust in the interior is causing harm to drivers’ respiratory systems, as an auto detailer, you’ll know how to spot and correct these dangers while performing your service.

5. A Machine Can’t Compare to a Pro With Auto Detailing Training

While car washes might be cheaper and faster, automatic car washes are typically only able to remove the top layer of dirt and grime from a vehicle. Often, car washes even will miss patches of the vehicle’s surface. An auto detailing service is much more detail-oriented and in-depth, with trained professionals ensuring that nothing goes uncleaned. While a car wash might suffice in a pinch, they can’t compare to the quality work that detailers do in refurbishing vehicles and restoring their former condition.

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