Considering Auto Detailing Training? 3 Things to Know About Pre-Delivery Inspection 

Before a vehicle is delivered to or picked up by a customer, there’s an important process to follow in order to ensure the quality and safety of their new car. If you’re considering a career in auto detailing–particularly if you’re seeking to work in a dealership setting–you may have to perform something called a pre-delivery inspection. You may be wondering what this entails, how to do a pre-delivery inspection, and how long it will take you. Keep reading to find the answers to those questions if you’re an aspiring auto detailing expert. 

1. What Are Pre-Delivery Inspections and Why Are They Necessary?

A pre-delivery inspection is exactly what it sounds like! It’s simply a final check for quality control. During the inspection, your priority as an auto detailing technician is to ensure that the vehicle is functioning mechanically and is ready to be driven safely and smoothly on the road. A PDI should always be included in any dealership agreement during the sale of a vehicle, whether it’s new or used. Let’s take a look at what happens during the inspection. 

2. What PDI Steps Will You Follow After Auto Detailing Training? 

If performing PDIs will be a part of your position after auto detailing training, you’ll need to make sure you don’t miss any of these crucial steps. You’ll need to perform a wheel inspection, which involves ensuring that the locking nuts are properly tightened and make sure that the tires are adequately inflated with no leaking. It’s also essential that you check the engine by making sure it’s all topped up on fluids, the hood latch is lubricated, the battery is fully charged, and there are no visual defects or strange sounds. 

Throughout your auto detailing career, PDIs will require you to check a car’s exterior, interior, and mechanical parts.

You’ll also perform a road check by driving the vehicle on both city and highway streets for a recommended ten kilometres, listening and feeling for any issues with steering, transmission, cruise control, and everything you can observe within the vehicle. Use a computer to scan for any diagnostic error codes. Check the underside of the vehicle for damage to the exhaust, hoses, and lines. 

For the finishing touches, you’ll check that the paint and emblem are flawless. Make sure that the owner’s manual, service passport, warranty booklet, and guides are in their proper place. Finally, don’t forget to ensure that the vehicle is squeaky clean. 

3. How Long Do Pre-Delivery Inspections Take?  

So once you’ve completed an auto detailing course and you’re working in a dealership, how much time can you expect to dedicate to a pre-delivery inspection? Normally, they take anywhere from an hour to two hours to complete, but this varies depending on the vehicle and the dealership. 

Auto detailing training will prepare you to spot damage and malfunctions.

If you have an eye for detail and you love to work with cars, you should definitely consider getting auto detailing training with ATC. Auto detailing is a lucrative field and there’s a place for you in a wide variety of automotive workplaces once you have the training you need. We can offer you all the tools you need to succeed in the field with hands-on lessons where students spend 85% of their time in the shop. There, they develop the confidence they need to become experts in their future positions. 

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