Considering an Auto Career? The Value of Ozone Depletion Prevention Training

Ozone depletion prevention training is a necessary certification for anyone working with refrigerants found within a car’s air conditioning system. Refrigerant is a chemical compound that absorbs environmental heat and pushes cool air once it runs through compressors and evaporators. This training is important because refrigerants damage the Earth’s ozone layer when they escape into the atmosphere. 

Ozone depletion prevention training at ATC Surrey involves hands-on training on environmentally correct equipment design, proper handling of refrigerants, and awareness training on these ozone-depleting substances. This training will help you thrive in your career repairing and installing vehicle air conditioning systems. Read on to learn more.

Car Air Conditioners And Their Impact on the Ozone Layer

One of the first refrigerants on the market was CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons. CFCs remained prevalent until researchers discovered that CFCs would break down when they interacted with sunlight in the atmosphere and release chemicals like chlorine and bromine, causing the deterioration of the ozone layer.

After the ozone decay was discovered, Canada signed the Montreal protocol. This 1987 treaty, which has been signed by 197 countries, recognizes ozone depletion as a global issue and sets out guidelines limiting the use of CFCs for refrigeration purposes.

After CFCs were outlawed, manufacturers moved to HydroChloroFluoroCarbons (HCFCs), and HydroFluoroCarbon (HFCs). Both refrigerants do cause damage to the environment if they escape into the atmosphere. However, both chemicals break down slower than the original CFCs. Receiving ozone depletion prevention training will solidify your knowledge of the different refrigerants used today.

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Ozone Depletion Prevention Training Keeps the Ozone Layer Safe

Ozone depletion prevention training is mandatory for anyone working on car air conditioning systems. British Columbia regulation dictates that you must have an ozone depletion prevention certificate to service and repair refrigeration equipment and to purchase and handle refrigerants. If you plan on fixing car air conditioning units, you will need one in your auto career.

The history of the requirement dates back to 1992 when the National Action Plan for Recovery, Recycling and Reclamation of CFCs suggested awareness training for mechanics working on air conditioning systems in vehicles. 

An environmental awareness training program for stationary and mobile air conditioning and refrigeration workers is available in all provinces. The training is a requirement to be considered as a certified person under the Federal Halocarbon Regulations. Your certification is valid in all provinces once completed. 

At ATC Surrey, you will gain a new understanding of refrigerants and how to handle them securely.

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Ozone Depletion Prevention Training Prepares You For Your Auto Career

During your ozone depletion training in the automotive industry, you will gain a foundational understanding of the most common refrigerants used in air conditioning systems. You will learn how to handle CFC/HCFC/HFC refrigerants and understand how these ozone-depleting substances interact with our environments and ozone layer. 

After your training, you will quickly find that your knowledge is in demand. You can diagnose and repair air conditioning systems without causing unnecessary environmental damage. Nearly every car has an air conditioning system, so you will quickly find work at car dealerships or in a mechanics shop.

If you’re hoping to put your entrepreneurial skills to use and start your own business in the automotive industry, this training will be particularly valuable since it will enable you to purchase freon and install air conditioning systems into vehicles. 

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