How “Connected Service” Could Transform Service Advisor Careers

As customers expectations change pros with a service advisor career will see the need for connected service
Automotive service advisors play a crucial role in dealerships, auto repair facilities, aftermarket stores, and vehicle rental companies. Not only are they responsible for greeting customers, but they also help determine the services the customer’s vehicle needs. They even are in regular communication with customers, to let them know if any unexpected repairs are found. In many ways, automotive service advisors play a direct role in determining customer satisfaction and the revenue the company is bringing in.

Times are changing. In our increasingly technological word, customers are expecting companies they do business with to keep up. Just like customers expect WiFi at a restaurant and the ability to order pizza online, there is a growing desire for connected services in the automotive industry.

Connected service is a broad concept that is becoming a reality in the automotive industry. Read on to discover how different aspects of connected service could change the role of auto service advisors.

Connected Service May Transform Customer Interaction for Pros with Service Advisor Careers

As an automotive service writer, part of your duties could involve booking customer service appointments, and receiving and documenting their vehicle information. Can you imagine if this process was streamlined, so that the customer could do it themselves? In a world with connected service, customers would be able to book appointments and provide details about their vehicle online at their convenience.

The term “connected service” involves the use of technology to improve efficiencies and customer satisfaction. In an automotive world with connected service, customers could book service appointments online, show up for their appointment with access to WiFi, and receive progress reports via their cell phones. This could dramatically improve the efficiency of your day-to-day duties. It would allow you to take the focus off administrative work and put the focus on providing great advice about which services your customers need.


With connected service, customers could book appointments online
With connected service, customers could book appointments online

The demand for this type of service is growing. According to a new report from J.D. Power, 6 per cent of Canadian auto service customers booked their last appointment online. And 14 per cent indicated they would prefer to use the internet to book any ongoing appointments. Currently about 74 per cent of customers are calling in to schedule their appointments. Therefore, taking bookings online could drastically reduce the amount of time service advisors are on the phone, allowing them to focus on other tasks instead.

Connected Service May Transform Communication about Auto Performance

In addition to booking appointments online, connected service also includes exciting new advances in auto technology. Companies with products like Connected Service have introduced technology that monitors vehicle performance. This connected service technology uses machine sensors, engagement tools, and analytic engines to monitor the vehicle while it’s in use. If anything is of cause for concern, the technology will send the information about what parts need repairs right to an auto service advisor.

This aspect of connected service takes a proactive approach. Your customers don’t have to wait until their vehicle has taken a significant turn for the worse before knowing they need a repair.

Once you become a professional with a service advisor career, this could dramatically change the way you do business. While you will still remain the liaison between mechanics, technicians, and customers, your ability to provide highly accurate, timely, and customized service suggestions will improve drastically.

From a business aspect, connected service could greatly improve productivity and profits. Not only will it lead to improved customer satisfaction, but it will also ensure your customers are coming to you (and only you!) for repairs. Car owners are notorious for letting vehicle problems go unsolved. Typically, unless the vehicle is in the shop, you will likely never know there is a problem. Fortunately, this technology turns the tables and puts you, as the service advisor, right at the heart of the action.


Connected service could improve customer satisfaction
Connected service could improve customer satisfaction

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