What Collision Estimators in B.C. Should Know About the Government Windshield Repair Program

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Having a windshield completely replaced is expensive. And with current rapid advances in automotive technology and products, it’s not completely necessary anymore. Most cracks or chips can be easily and safely repaired by auto body professionals. Because of these recent advancements, ICBC is changing the way it approaches windshield repairs by doing away with it’s typical mandate for replacing windshields and implementing a program to repair them for free.

If you’re considering an automotive career in B.C., read on to learn more about the Government Windshield Repair Program.

How ICBC’s New Government Windshield Program Works

Rising insurance costs have been a major problem in British Columbia over the past several years. In an effort to help combat the problem, ICBC has launched a new program called the Government Windshield Repair Program. The program is available to car owners who are covered under ICBC’s optional comprehensive coverage for private vehicles plan.

As professionals with auto body estimator training might know, when a windshield is damaged, car owners pay a deductible and ICBC covers the cost of a windshield replacement. But now under the new program, car owners can go to any auto shop authorized by ICBC’s Glass Express program to have their windshield repaired completely for free. Owners don’t even have to call ICBC to make a claim; they just show up at a recognized Glass Express location and have their windshield repaired. ICBC then pays the shop performing the repair $75 to cover the product and labor costs.

For customers, a key benefit of the program is that using it won’t result in a ding on their insurance record or increase their insurance rates. In addition, there’s no limit to how many windshield repairs a car owner can take advantage of. As long as they are covered by ICBC’s optional comprehensive coverage, they can have their windshield fixed for free.

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Windshield repairs are completely free under the new program

The Benefit of the Repair Program for Individuals with Careers in the Auto Industry

This program is extremely beneficial for professionals with careers in the auto industry, especially those who are working at auto body shops recognized by ICBC’s Glass Express program. Because car owners can’t take advantage of the program at non-approved shops, it will funnel customers directly to approved businesses.

Blair Qualey, CEO and president of the New Car Dealers Association, says that “Members who have collision shops are pleased with this, and I think it’s a long time coming,” he explains, “Now only those that ICBC approves will be able to get paid for this work, and hopefully this will call out the ‘quality-challenged’ groups that may have been out there. That’s great for consumers and for our industry.”

This increase in business is a great way to generate traffic. If your body shop does a great job, you could score a new customer for life. Considering the program will impact 2.5 million people across B.C., it’s a great opportunity to get new faces in the door.

How the Repair Program Will Benefit Customers in Need of a Collision Estimator

In addition to the benefits auto body shops will receive, the program could also benefit car owners. ICBC could save an impressive $8 million a year with the implementation of the program, and those savings could be passed onto the customer because ICBC won’t be as likely to hike up their rates again to cover costs. The program will also relieve pressure on the environment. ICBC estimates that every year the program will save 8,000 windshields from going into landfills.

“This is an important new program because it will have enormous benefits for our customers, our valued business partners, as well as the environment,” shares ICBC’s president and CEO, Mark Blucher. “This is another step we’re taking to help reduce the growing pressure on insurance rates and we’re committed to continuing to explore other initiatives which can do the same.”

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