Want to Become a Collision Estimator? Find Out What to Expect from ATC’s Online Auto Body Collision Technology & Estimating Program

Are you looking for an online learning opportunity that can set you up for a career with real prospects? If this is the case, ATC’s online Auto Body Collision Technology & Estimating Program could be for you.

The online program is quick and easy to complete, and allows students the freedom to set their own schedule. Read on to find out what to expect from ATC’s online course for aspiring collision estimators.

Learn From Experienced Professionals

Students in the online program will learn from experienced professionals, just like with the in-person course. These trainers will be on-hand to answer any questions that you may have throughout your training.

Students will learn from experienced professionals throughout the online course

Graduate with an Industry-Recognized Certificate in Auto Body Estimator Training

After graduation, students will be awarded a professional collision estimator certificate that they can use to apply for relevant industry jobs. This is recognized throughout the industry, and demonstrates your ability to successfully complete accurate estimates.

The auto body estimator training certificate will enhance your resume when applying for automotive jobs, and show employers that you have the training needed to take on responsibilities.

Gain Experience with Industry Software

Professional collision estimators sometimes use computer-based software to generate detailed and accurate estimations for customers. As part of the online course, students will get the opportunity to learn how to use some of the most common tools around.

This means that they will be job-ready after finishing the online program and will already know how to use collision estimation software. 

As well as this, students will also learn how to the use the Mitchell Guide to write damage reports.

The Online Classroom Includes Interactive Learning and Testing

Students will have access to a wide range of relevant information taught in a variety of different teaching styles to suit different learners. Lessons will be taught via online web-based learning and online testing to track progress.

The Course Covers a Wide Range of Topics

The ATC online Auto Body Collision Technology & Estimating Program aims to teach you everything you need to know to work as a professional collision estimator. The main elements of the course include:

  • Identification of vehicle body construction
  • Identification of vehicle body damage
  • Content of a proper collision estimate
  • How to write a collision estimate
  • Several estimate examples
  • Preparing professional estimates
  • Use of industry software to produce computer estimates

Teaching will also cover additional topics including welding, panel and paint repairs, interior and exterior trims, and more!

Learn everything you need to know with ATC’s online course

Set Your Own Schedule

The online program can be completed whenever and wherever, at a pace that suits you. If you have other commitments, you can complete the course at a slower pace, taking classes on weekends or evenings.

Alternatively, if you have a free schedule, the course is quick and easy to complete.

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