Chrysler Canada Dominates Auto Sales in 2014

Chrysler Canada Dominates Auto Sales in 2014It looks like recent auto sales college graduates will be clamouring for jobs at Chrysler Canada to kick off their brand new auto careers. The 89 year old auto maker has been on quite the roll, boasting five consecutive years of increased sales. They’re also breaking records across the board, surprising industry newbies and those with long-standing automotive careers alike.

Top-Selling Brands

Chrysler’s recent prolonged success is not limited to a couple of brands. This is a vast company making vehicles under 21 different names and sales have been successful all around. There are a few brands, however, that do stand out:

  • Jeep: The popular Jeep Cherokee and the long-time favourite Jeep Wrangler accounted for most of the 5887 Jeeps sold this past November alone. This is a 44% increase over the same month last year, which was itself impressive.
  •  Ram: Between its trucks and pickups, the Ram brand moved 13,938 units in November. That’s a 21% increase for trucks and a 19% increase for pickups over November 2013. The award-winning light duty pickup Ram 1500 was the clear winner in this category.
  • Chrysler 200: It wasn’t only large vehicles that did well in 2014. A mid-sized sedan, the Chrysler 200, sold 1,136 units in November, which is a full 130% better than how it performed the same month last year.

US Sales Skyrocket as Well

Chrysler has plenty of reasons to be happy south of the border as well. 57,466 vehicles were sold at US dealerships in November. 50.2% of those were cars that were part of the Chrysler Group.

Not only does Chrysler control half the American market, but it has been improving sales for the past 56 months. This November’s sales increase of 20% means Chrysler just had the best November since 2001.

All Chrysler brands experienced an increase in American sales and 11 of them set sales records. When it comes to the biggest Chrysler sellers, American and Canadian car buyers seem to have similar tastes, with the Ram 1500, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Chrysler 200 all doing very well in both countries. The Dodge Dart was a hot seller in the states in particular.

Rags to Riches

Things weren’t always going so well for Chrysler. They were one of the auto makers to receive bailout loans from both the Canadian and American governments after the economic collapse of 2008. Thanks to rebranding, re-imagining and investment by Italian car company Fiat, Chrysler was able to repay its loan in 2011, earlier than expected. The Fiat takeover was complete earlier this year, and it looks like it worked as Chrysler continues to outperform expectations in North America.

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