How to Choose the Right Program for Auto Trades Training in BC

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The automotive industry encompasses a wide range of different careers, with opportunities for students with many different talents to shine. Knowing which career path to follow, though, might not always be easy for everyone considering attending training for an automotive trade.

Want to work in an automotive trade, but unsure of which one will be the best fit for you? Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you make the best possible choice.

Consider the Kind of Environment You’d Love to Work in

Automotive careers can take place in a variety of different locations and work environments. If you’re someone who is particular about the environment you like to work in, make that a big factor when choosing your auto trades career path.

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Auto careers exist in a number of environments, so choose the right one for you!

Working in auto detailing, as a mechanic, or in other hands-on auto industry careers will typically see you doing a fair amount of work in a garage and interacting with clients. Want a little more space and a little less client interaction? A career in auto parts & warehousing could be a good fit. More of an office type? You might prefer to complete training to become a dispatching professional, and work with teams of drivers and other professionals from the comfort of the office. These environments all make for quite a different experience, which makes them an important factor when considering future careers in the auto industry.

Hands On or Off? Different Careers in the Auto Industry Involve Very Different Work

For some, the freedom to work with their hands to take apart or reconstruct a car is one of the best things about a career in the automotive industry. For others, hands-off work is more their style. Before beginning auto trades training in BC, it’s a good idea to figure out which option you like best, and choose a training program that matches your preference.

Keep in mind that some careers allow you to work with cars directly while still not needing to do any mechanical or maintenance work on them. An automotive service consultant, for example, helps guide customers through the process of getting a car serviced, and may be required to go in and monitor progress for reporting to the customer. It’s an opportunity to get up close with cars and do visual inspections, but without having to make the actual repairs yourself.

Want to Specialize? Consider More Technical Careers in the Auto Industry

As time moves forward, cars are getting more complicated. New types of cars, like hybrid and all-electric models, are becoming more popular, and older technologies like air conditioning are being refined and more widely distributed. Automotive professionals trained in working with these, and other technologies, are increasingly necessary.

Some specialist programs exist as a complement to existing servicing training, while others are meant to train students in standalone capabilities for a professional dedicated to one particular area of automotive maintenance and repair. If you’re a techie, or just like the idea of being able to dive deep into a particular kind of automotive technology throughout your career, look into some of these specialist pathways and let their career requirements inform the program you choose to take.

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