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Ferrari has been an industry leader in the manufacturing of luxury sports vehicles since 1947. As one of the most innovative and revered automakers in the world, when Ferrari announces a new vehicle everyone in the industry tends to listen.

Ferrari is at it again as it recently revealed details of its first SUV. Codenamed Purosangue, which translates to thoroughbred, Ferrari is joining other luxury automakers such as Aston Martin, Bentley, and Lamborghini in the luxury SUV market. It’s a surprising and somewhat controversial move for a company better known for sporty race cars than SUVs.

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Ferrari SUV Features You Need to Know as an Automotive Maintenance Technician

Ferrari has revealed very few details about the Purosangue because since the project is still in the development phase. What we know so far is that the utility vehicle might have a turbocharged V8 or even perhaps one of Ferrari’s legendary V12 engines under the hood. There are rumors it might even be electrified and run on a hybrid system. As far as power in concerned, students in auto technician training will be happy to know that there will likely be no shortage. Other luxury SUVs pack a lot of power under the hood. Bentley’s Bentayga, for example, has 600-hp while Lamborghini’s Urus has 641-hp! There’s every reason to believe that Ferrari will want to give its SUV as much if not more power than its rivals.

As for the interior, no concept photos have been released yet, but we do know that it will be a four-seater. It is also safe to assume that the Purosangue will be equipped with Ferrari’s trademark genuine leather upholstery and offer a driver focused arrangement capable of sitting four adults, and with decent cargo space.

What Makes the Ferrari’s Purosangue a Ferrari?

In a 2016 interview, the late Ferrari CEO, Sergio Marchionne, referred to the vehicle as an “FUV,” and said it would look the way Ferrari believes a utility vehicle should look like. Many analysts took his remarks to mean that Ferrari was preparing to reinvent the SUV and that’s something car enthusiasts and students in auto technician training are certainly looking forward to.

The fact that Ferrari is even developing an SUV is surprising given that Marchionne himself famously once claimed that you’d have to shoot him before the company manufactured an SUV! Given that he apparently had a change of heart, it’s safe to say that Ferrari’s SUV will have to live up to incredibly high standards.

Here’s When You Can Expect to See the Purosangue on the Road

Unfortunately, the Purosangue won’t be hitting the streets anytime soon. In fact, it will only be available in 2022, which is why details about it are still scarce. One detail we do know, however, is the price, which, suitably enough for a Ferrari, is high enough to make your eyes water. When it finally goes on sale, expect to have to pay between $250,000-350,000 for the privilege of owning a Ferrari SUV.

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