Check Out Three Common Vehicle Problems Caused by Hot Weather

The summer is fast approaching. For car owners, this can spell trouble for their vehicles if they aren’t careful. The heat can take its toll on a car in no time at all, and the many variables of summertime — weather, air, road temperatures — can cause quite a few problems.

If drivers want to have a hassle-free summer, their best bet is to know how to spot weather-related issues that might impact their car’s performance, and how to take action to prevent it from happening. Here are three of the biggest problems with cars and the summer heat.

Oil Can Thin in Hotter Conditions, So Make Sure You Change It

The warmer the weather gets, the thinner a vehicle’s engine oil can get. As a result, its ability to keep engines going and lubricate its parts are hindered, especially since a car needs plenty of it when hot. This can result in a vehicle’s components wearing, which can lead to it eventually breaking down. 

Oil should be changed frequently during the summer months, especially if the car is being used for road trips or vacations. Students pursuing auto careers online may know that oil should typically be changed every 4,828 km, and to also inspect it on a regular basis. Furthermore, older cars can use synthetic oil instead of regular, as it does not thin out as easily in hot weather.

Overheating Can Do Damage to a Car, Particularly its Engine

Overheating can become a problem if the car is being exposed to a heatwave or a particularly hot day, especially since its engine already generates a lot of heat on its own. Not only that, but engine cooling systems are under more duress in this kind of climate. This can lead to overheating, especially if there are seals in the engine that are in poor condition, or are deteriorating. 

To keep a car from overheating, a driver must pay attention to its temperature gauge. They should also make sure enough coolant is present, and the levels are acceptable. Low coolant levels can spell death for an engine, so it’s important to top them up whenever necessary.

Be sure coolant levels are high enough, and sufficient coolant is present

Those Pursuing Auto Careers Online Should Watch for Dead Batteries

Although a car’s battery can be adversely affected during the winter months, it can be just as bad during the summer, if not worse. Because of the hot conditions, students doing auto mechanic training online should know that a car’s battery life can be considerably reduced, since the heat can cause the fluid to evaporate. 

An auto mechanic can test a battery in order to determine its levels

Drivers should have jumper cables at their disposal in these situations, and ensure the battery is positioned correctly within the vehicle. Battery terminals can also fall victim to corrosion under these circumstances, so drivers must also clean batteries when this happens. If the driver is unsure about their battery life, an auto mechanic can test the battery in order to gauge its levels.

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