If You Want to Become a Certified Mechanic, Check Out Apple CarPlay’s Features

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Apple isn’t just transforming computers and smartphones; the California-based tech giant is making a mark in the auto industry, too. Launched in 2014, Apple CarPlay has evolved into a highly interactive form of automotive technology compatible with more than 500 different vehicle models. With a user-friendly interface, drivers can connect their iPhone to their car and access apps when behind the wheel.

From Maps to Siri and everything in between, Apple CarPlay is one of the coolest things a driver can have in their dashboard—and one mechanics will surely be interested in learning more about. Here’s what you need to know about Apple CarPlay and its features if you’re hoping to become a mechanic.

You Can Use Siri For Just About Anything CarPlay Can Access For You

Siri—Apple’s virtual assistant—can seemingly do just about anything for us. Whether we ask it for the latest forecast, for directions to our next destination, to call or text friends, or simply to play our favourite song, there’s hardly any question or request that Siri doesn’t have an answer for. As part of CarPlay, Siri is a great feature for cars that come with voice-recognition technology. It allows drivers to access just about everything on their phones through voice commands. For example, a driver can ask Siri to text a friend or find the nearest taco place all without having to take their hands off the wheel or their eyes off the road.

Those in an Auto Mechanic Training Program Will Like How Apps Function with CarPlay

When the iPhone is plugged into the car, the iOS home screen appears in place of the car’s infotainment system. Large versions of the app icons that iPhone users will already be familiar with then appear on the car’s touchscreen. Furthermore, CarPlay can put you in control of many apps like Messages, Music, Maps and numerous popular third-party apps like Spotify, Google Maps and WhatsApp. In particular, WhatsApp and Messages can read incoming messages out loud to you rather than having them listed on the display. So you don’t have to reach for your phone—which is both illegal and dangerous—in order to read your latest texts. If you want to become a certified mechanic, you’d do well to stay aware of technological trends in the automotive industry, and CarPlay’s presence in many modern automobiles is worth paying attention to.

Apple Maps Can Help Drivers With CarPlay Get From Points A to B

Not only is Apple Maps on CarPlay a good navigational tool for drivers on its own, but it goes even further than simply getting you from one point to another. Based on addresses seen in your text message history, contacts, calendars and even emails, CarPlay can predict where you may be going. If you’re currently in an auto mechanic training program, you’d be interested to know that the map can easily show you points of interest like restaurants and gas stations, accurate depictions of roads and stop lights, and an interface with 3D buildings—like a GPS, but even more detailed. And if you prefer other navigational apps, such as Google Maps, you can use those too so long as they’re downloaded onto your iPhone.

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