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3 Main Causes of a Jammed Emergency Brake For Those in Automotive Service Training

A jammed emergency brake is one of the more common automotive problems that you’ll see in your career. There are a number of situations that may require some extra braking…
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Interested in Automotive Service Training? Factors to Consider When Evaluating Car Batteries

The health and longevity of a car battery is determined by a few different factors. While most vehicles require a new battery every few years, it’s important to perform regular…
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How Technological Skills Can Help You Succeed in Automotive Careers

As technology advances, vehicles today are manufactured with more and more impressive technological capacities. From navigation systems to semi-autonomous driving capabilities, vehicles are now vastly more complex than those in…
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Considering a New Career? A Day in the Life of an Auto Parts Specialist

An auto parts specialist is responsible for managing inventories and processing the distribution of parts and supplies for internal usage. You’ll act as a liaison between the store and the…
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3 Reasons Why Internal Communication Is an Important Skill for those in Auto Careers

Internal communication is an essential feature of any successful business. With good internal communication, there’s an open flow of useful information and messages between the individuals of a business. That…
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