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Crowdfunded Cars: When Small Ideas Hit the Big Time

“Crowdfunding” is becoming a growing trend in automotive development, and if you plan on pursuing an automotive career in the near future, read on to learn about how this new…
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The 24 Hours of LeMons California

To win a major car race, you’d generally need one of the newest cars, fastest engines, best parts and the kind of complete dedication only a professional has. This holds…
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The Bright and Bold 2015 Nissan Juke

Car buyers looking for a vehicle that has family features, but feels like you’re driving a sports car, will be excited to discover the new 2015 Nissan Juke. With a…
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Infographic: Winter Car Care 101

Nobody wants to be that person stuck at the side of the highway in a snowstorm, all because they didn’t get their car tuned up for winter. It makes sense…
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Memorable Cars in the Movies Part 1 (1950s-2000)

Some cars are just useful, they get us from Point A to Point B and back again. Others are special, we care for them and show them to all of…
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