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Understanding the Hemi Engine

When people think Hemi, they usually think big and powerful engines – images of muscle cars or full throttle drag racing come to mind. For over 50 years, many iconic…
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Are Electric Cars Vulnerable to Hackers?

Back in 1997, Toyota unveiled Prius – the first mass produced, commercially successful electric car. Since then, for many consumers the idea of a re-chargeable vehicle that doesn’t burn fuel…
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5 Best Vehicles for a Summer Roadtrip

Are you going away this summer? If you are, we can’t blame you, as nothing beats hitting the road and going away on a lovely summer adventure with your friends,…
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Latest in Racecar Technology

One reason why the world of car racing is so exciting is that the technology is constantly evolving. Every year, teams invest a considerable amount of money into research and…
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Advances in Adaptive Cruise Control

These days, there’s a push in the automotive world to make vehicles much safer, and much more adaptable to road conditions. Not only do we rely more heavily on GPS…
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