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A Brief History of the DeLorean for Students Pursuing Auto Careers

Every now and then, a car gains cult status. Whether for its beautiful styling, good performance, or unique history, it lives on in the hearts of collectors even long after…
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BMW Gives its 2016 7 Series a Makeover

BMW is showing no sign of stopping when it comes to expanding their luxury line-up of vehicles. Set to be released sometime this upcoming October, the new 2016 BMW 7…
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Fueling your Diesel Vehicle with Vegetable Oil

Innovating upon the ways we use natural resources is one of the key ambitions of today’s society. We are aware our resources are limited, and that is why scientists, automotive…
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Best Practices for Auto Repair Customer Service

If you want customers to be talking positively about the garage or dealership you work for to build buzz in a community, you’ll need to make sure that you offer…
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Affordable Muscle Cars on the Market

There’s something timeless about muscle cars – and the reasons we’re drawn to them: power, high-performance, a little danger, a lot of torque. They’ve come to symbolize the reckless, risk-taking…
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