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Want to Become a Service Advisor? Here’s Our 3-Step Guide to Phone Follow-Ups

As the true customer service reps of any garage or dealership, service advisors play one of the most important roles in the industry. They are the face of a business…
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New ‘Carwall Security’ System Unveiled: 2 Ways it May Impact Students of Auto Repair Programs

Earlier this year, automotive news was buzzing with stories that detailed what happens when hackers are able to get into a vehicles’ electronic control units (ECUs). A video that went…
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3 Ways Grads with Dispatch Training Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Customers respond positively to companies that are passionate about customer service. In fact, customers often base their business reviews on whether or not they have interacted with a customer service…
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4 Auto Detailing Workplace Safety Tips

Every auto detailing shop has its own set of unique safety concerns. But even though detailing shops may come in various sizes and have different amounts of staff and specialties,…
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2 Summer Trucking Safety Tips for Dispatch Course Students

Canada is the second largest country in the world, so it should come as no surprise that transportation is a huge industry here. Transportation specialists need to figure out the…
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