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Want to Become a Mechanic? 5 Common Reasons Why Some Vehicles Fail Emissions Tests

Emissions tests are an important standard practice within the automotive industry, helping vehicle owners to ensure that their vehicle isn’t emitting more than a certain amount of pollutants into the…
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The Benefits of Combining Classroom Theory with Hands-On Training in Automotive School

If you’re considering launching your career as an auto mechanic, a good training program will be the key to your success. Effective training is essential when it comes to being…
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Enrolled in Auto Mechanic School? Here’s What Working as a Fleet Mechanic Would Be Like

Many businesses rely on a collection of vehicles, or a company fleet, to complete operations. This can include large trucks, buses, or even bulldozers and other heavy equipment. Mechanics interested…
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3 Skills to Build During an Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship

On the path to becoming a professional auto mechanic, you will need to gain adequate experience in a working environment. An apprenticeship program is all about learning. You’ll have the…
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Launching Your Auto Detailing Career? A Guide to Essential Detailing Equipment

During your automotive detailing career, you’ll want to be prepared for anything, and having the right equipment is the key to a job well done. Auto detailers work to restore…
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