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Exploring Careers in the Auto Industry? 5 Signs Auto Body Estimating is Right for You

Ever thought about who’s responsible for what happens when a vehicle gets into an accident? That role belongs to the auto body estimator, a professional whose job it is to…
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The Difference Between a Driveshaft and Drive Axle Explained for Those with Auto Mechanic Training

There are many components which work together to make a vehicle’s drive train function properly. In order to obtain the right amount of torque and power, a vehicle relies on…
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Completing Your Auto Detailing Training? Here’s a Guide to Removing Swirl Marks

Have you ever noticed that even when some vehicles look clean, you can still notice little webs of scratches on its painted surface when the sun hits it? These scratches…
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Your Guide to Choosing a Specialization After Auto Mechanic Training

Within the automotive industry, professionals are needed to perform a wide variety of services on vehicles, leading to a range of opportunities for specialization for automotive school graduates. What’s more,…
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Interested in Dispatch School? A Day in the Life of a Loss Prevention Administrator

Within the dispatching and commercial transportation industry, there’s hardly a role that’s more important in keeping drivers and their cargo safe than that of a loss prevention administrator. Loss prevention…
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