Here’s Which Cars Pros With Careers in the Auto Industry Are Looking Forward to in 2018

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A new year is a chance for new beginnings, but for auto fans, it’s also time to start the countdown to the release of the exciting new models set to release later in the year. In 2018, that means counting down to some truly special releases.

From sleek sports cars to exciting new entrants to the growing electric vehicle space, there’s something for everyone coming out this year. Ready to get excited? Here are some of the models that are getting the most attention from auto professionals who are in the know.

The Chevrolet Corvette C8 Has a Brand New Silhouette for Auto Fans to Drool Over

You might think you know what a Corvette looks like, but that’s going to change in 2018. Gone is the lengthy front and the motor contained within. The motor’s been moved back toward the rear of the car instead, and the front shrunken and slimmed. It’s a radically different, very stylish look, and the performance of the car—particularly in terms of handling—is expected to be pretty incredible. If this vehicle can hit a sweet spot between blistering speed and great manoeuvrability, it could find a great deal of success out in the market. For seasoned pros working in careers in the auto industry, this vehicle is a new take on a classic that they can’t wait to see.

The Jaguar I-Pace Could Be the Most Exciting EV Challenger of the Year

Electric cars are all well and good, but they’re not SUVs—and people love their SUVs. Until now, the main contender in the electric SUV space has been the Tesla Model X, which gets great reviews when it works but has dealt with substantial quality control and production issues since its launch. This year, though, Jaguar has its sights set on challenging for EV SUV supremacy with its new I-Pace. The company claims that the vehicle boasts better acceleration and greater agility than Tesla’s offering, and the Jaguar cachet doesn’t hurt the model’s chances at finding success, either. With few details available about this model at present, chalk this one up as one of the exciting mysteries that auto pros can’t wait to explore.

Lamborghini’s Urus Is Another Challenger Intriguing Pros in Careers in the Auto Industry

Lamborghini makes fast cars, not SUVs. Right? Well, not anymore. The big story for Lamborghini in 2018 is its entrant to the luxury SUV market, the Urus, and it’s one that has auto pros taking notice. Essentially, the Urus will be an SUV that delivers a similar luxury experience to what one might expect from one of the company’s regular cars, just in a bigger format.

This is actually just one of several luxury SUVs slated to come to market in the near future, but most of the other brands at least already have larger vehicles as a part of their stable. The sheer newness of the Urus as a Lamborghini product is what sets it apart. Keep a keen eye out for this vehicle after finishing your auto service technician course. With any luck, you’ll get to take a look under the hood and see what it’s like firsthand.

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