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If you’re currently stuck in a rut in your career and looking for a change, you might be interested to know that careers in the trades, especially in the automotive sector, are on the rise in B.C. these days. Rewarding and high-paying careers are within your reach after enrolling yourself in some of the fine trades training B.C. has to offer. One of the fastest growing careers in the trades right now is that of a truck mechanic.

With the increase of transporting goods via long-haul trucking and the rigorous demands of deliveries, skilled mechanics are needed more than ever to keep the gigantic vehicles in top shape. Here are just some of the more rewarding and lucrative careers that will be available to you with training as an auto technician.

Construction Site Mechanic

Because of the amount of large trucks and vehicles used in heavy construction, construction companies are usually keen to hire skilled mechanics to service vehicles both in the garage and on-site when something goes wrong. Whether it’s something simple like an oil change on a dump truck, or getting down to the nitty gritty of repairing the engine of a front-end loader, work as a mechanic on construction vehicles is always interesting, and hardly ever lets up. Due to the intensity of the work done by these machines, they need tune-ups frequently, meaning there will always be work for a skilled auto mechanic.

Construction Site Mechanic

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Motor Coach Mechanic

With the rail system in Canada being less busy and far-reaching than it was in the past, buses and motor coaches are becoming increasingly popular as a method of travel. What used to be a market cornered only by big names like Greyhound, has now exploded into a very competitive niche of the travel and transportation industry. This means that there are great career opportunities for skilled mechanics at various transportation companies that employ the use of larger vehicles for passenger transport.

Long-Haul Trucking Mechanic

These days it’s increasingly popular to ship goods and services via long-haul trucking because of the lowered cost and the improved efficiency of the trucks. What this means for mechanics is that due to the increased usage of the vehicles for transporting goods over longer distances more frequently, repairs also need to be made more frequently. This translates into much more frequent and steady work for mechanics, making a career working for a transportation trucking company a safe bet. You can find out a bit more through this video:

So if you’re thinking about taking the plunge into the trades industry, look no further than a career as a truck mechanic. With the right training, you could be in a rewarding job helping to tune up those famously gigantic engines in no time.

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