Careers as an Engine Technician

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Automotive engine technicians specialize in understanding the engine components of traditional, electric and hybrid vehicles so they can perform a complete diagnosis or various maintenance tasks, including checking drivability issues, engine light, emission systems, fuel systems and more. They have usually received training from auto mechanic courses before pursuing specialized training to increase employment opportunities.

With auto engines becoming increasingly sophisticated and diverse, including a deeper integration of technology in electrical, fuel and drive systems, there is now a pressing need for these specialists. Automotive engine technicians use a variety of electrical equipment, tools, auto parts and computerized equipment to view technical vehicle-specific information. They usually work in repair shops, garages or even labs. To perform their examinations and diagnostic tests, they use engine lifting hoists and jacks, which means they must prioritize their own security at all times, to conduct their work safely.

In the end, the automotive engine technician is not only aware of how engines in vehicles operate, but also maintains a good understanding of the types of technology used by different automotive manufacturers.

The ideal candidate

If you’re interested in automobiles and automotive careers in Montreal, have a strong sense of responsibility, and enjoy using your head to diagnose and repair vehicles, then a career as an auto engine technician could be ideal for you. For those who enjoy making a difference doing precise work that’s challenging and varied, with good job security and freedom to do certain things your way, this line of work can be tremendously rewarding.

To be a successful auto engine technician, you’ll need effective analytical and troubleshooting skills, which will come in handy to identify problems with parts and components. Some computer skills and the ability to keep up with technology, which is constantly evolving, will also be useful. You may also, on occasion, speak with customers about certain problems or repairs that were made, so good communication skills can be an asset.

Job outlook

For anyone who possesses automotive training in Montreal, the job outlook for this type of position is very positive, as retirements due to an aging population will be creating many vacancies to fill in the years to come. Generally, this trade offers steady employment year-round. Employers usually encourage advanced training as an auto engine technician or in other areas of need, so starting as a mechanic and then specializing along the way is more than possible. Experienced technicians sometimes advance to the positions of service manager or shop foreman. Some even open their own garages, service stations or automotive performance shops.

Lastly, with additional training, technicians can transfer their skills to other occupations, like farm equipment mechanic or heavy duty equipment mechanic. Some auto engine technicians specialize exclusively in diesel engines of any kind. These include personal vehicles, such as trucks, but also commercial vehicles such as tractor-trailer trucks and buses. Specializing as a diesel engine technician is another field that’s showing sustained and robust growth.

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