Looking at Careers in the Auto Industry? Here’s What Mobile Electronics Installers Do

careers in the auto industry

More and more, cars are becoming hubs for a variety of electronic devices and services. Navigation and entertainment equipment, charging ports, and the many wires and hidden components around a car all hook into a car’s electrical system.

All of this equipment is dealt with by mobile electronics installers. These auto professionals specialize in the nitty-gritty of electronics installation, helping keep everything from essential components to entertainment equipment in top working condition.

Curious about the kind of work these professionals do? Here are some of the responsibilities they deal with throughout their workday.

Love Car Sound? Do Electronics Work After You Become a Certified Mechanic!

Car audio systems have come a long way from the days of so-so speakers and a radio antenna. Now, you can go out and have some pretty killer sound systems installed in a car, with high-powered receivers and dual subwoofers to help really crank up the sound.

Differences in the shapes and structuring of cars mean the best way to install a new sound system is to get a mobile electronics installer to help out. If you take on this career, you might find yourself designing entertainment solutions for customers, and making sure everything gets wired up correctly. If you’re into both cars and sound systems, this is a great direction to take.

Mobile Electronics Installers Repair & Replace Faulty Wiring

Sometimes, things will go wrong with a vehicle’s wiring. It can get frayed, or displaced, or even torn through by an accident or rodent infestation. Mobile electronics installers spend part of their time correcting this kind of issue.

Depending on the nature of the problem, solutions can include splicing wires and soldering equipment, or even using specialized equipment (like oscilloscopes and voltmeters) to find breaks in a connection. Sometimes, alterations might have to be made to parts to make them fit or work in a given situation. If you like the idea of doing this kind of detailed work on the smaller components that keep a car’s systems running, consider specializing as a mobile electronics expert when you become a certified mechanic.

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Fixing a car’s wiring is an important part of working as a mobile electronics installer

Become a Certified Mechanic and Specialize in Electronics to Work on Safety Systems

Electronic safety systems are huge in modern cars. Any given car on the road right now could have anything from basic remote-controlled locks to advanced sensors that detect incoming collisions, and can even stop the car when the human driver takes too long to respond.

All of these things are hooked up to wiring, and require precise care when being maintained and repaired, or else essential instruments and sensors might be accidentally brought offline. Mobile electronics installers will be tasked with this work, which is a little more delicate than the traditional image of greasy-palmed mechanics labouring over a stubborn wrench. This role is a testament to the diverse careers in the auto industry. Whatever you like, odds are good there’s a career path that will suit you.

Mobile electronics installers do a lot of impressive work with the smaller components in a car. If you’re interested in setting up killer sound systems, or you like the idea of getting down to work with the delicate components that keep safety systems running, you might want to give this career direction some thought.

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