Career Focus: Automotive Glass Technicians

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These days, embarking on a career in one of the trades is an excellent way to find a rewarding and dependable job. There is a growing market in British Columbia for resourceful and hard-working people in a variety of trades, from automotive to carpentry. Indeed, the wealth of trades training BC offers is staggering, and if you’re focused and dedicated, you could land yourself in an extremely lucrative and stable career.

Training in the trades is a sensible option because they prepare you for work in a variety of versatile, hands-on careers that are in demand. No more waiting around and hoping your degree qualifies you for the jobs you keep seeing online, taking a trade means you’re going to be employable as soon as you finish your program. Careers in the automotive world are some of the most stable in the country right now, as the automotive sector is experiencing an upswing. The world of trades is growing larger by the day, and learning the skills you need to step into a rewarding career in the trades has never been easier.

One such career in the exciting world of trades is an automotive glass technician, a very specific variety of automotive technician.

What Does An Automotive Glass Technician Do?

Automotive glass technicians are responsible for the repair, installation and removal of automotive glass on your vehicle. Everything from the windshield to the windows is taken care of under the watchful eye of an automotive glass technician. As an automotive glass technician, you’ll be responsible for the careful storage and handling of a variety of glasses, ensuring that the proper safety equipment is used at all times and that everything is handled in a safe and secure manner, removing cracked or broken windshields or window panes and replacing them with new, spotless panes.

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You’ll also be providing sketches and illustrations of templates for glass, ensuring that the sheets are cut and fit perfectly into the vehicle. Having a knack for measurements and dimensions is essential. You’ll need to know the right tools for cutting and slicing glass, as well as fitting and sealing the glass into the vehicle.

Beyond doing the grunt work of removing and replacing glass, you’ll also diagnose problems with glass – if cracks present too much risk or if a fracture is going to mean the glass needs replacing, you’ll need to converse with customers and make recommendations as to what course of action they should take. It takes excellent communication skills and a knack for problem solving.

It’s such an excellent and rewarding career that there’s even a glass repairing Olympics! Check it out in this video:

As far as automotive careers go, automotive glass technicians enjoy steady hours, a multi-faceted and interesting line of work, and the satisfaction of making the road a safer – and more visible – place.

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