Looking for a Car Repair Career? Here’s Why You Need To Know About ‘Fiix’!

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Mobile applications like Uber and other similar digitized services have taken off in popularity recently. Now, there is ‘Fiix,’ the mobile mechanic application that is hoping to change the way car repairs are being done. Garages and mechanics have operated the same way for a long time, by having customers bring their cars into the garage for repairs whenever they need it, and receiving an estimate of the price they will have to pay for the job. With ‘Fiix,’ many of these issues are broached in a whole new way, which could pave the way to new approaches in customer service.

Read on to discover how ‘Fiix’ plans to change the auto mechanic world.

Mechanics In a Car Repair Career Should Know ‘Fiix’ Offers a Fixed Price Upfront

Garages currently function on a pricing system of ‘estimates,’ where a customer brings in a car that needs repair and the garage provides an estimate of how much that work will cost. This estimate can change over time, which can sometimes be frustrating for car owners. With ‘Fiix’ customers get the price they will pay sent to their phone directly, and that price will not change. Fiix’s co-founder and CTO Khallil Mangaliji explains that “With Fiix you always know how much you’ll pay before you commit to anything.” That is a helpful feature for customers as well as mechanics with a car repair career, as sometimes the fluctuations in price can drive customers away.

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The new ‘fixed price’ Fiix offers will have customers driving away happy!

Pros In Car Repair Careers May Wonder How ‘Fiix’ Can Give Fixed Prices

How can Fiix give fixed prices to customers? One word: data. Fiix has software that collects data about past jobs in order to determine a fair price very specifically. Mangaliji explains his team built “in-house software that provides instant quotes by learning from previous repairs.” By having access to a database of repair information, Fiix can make extremely accurate repair cost estimates. Fiix also explains that there is often a ‘middle-man’ involved in the repair business, which is usually the service manager of a shop. With Fiix, that middle-man can be avoided to save customers an average of 30-50 per cent on repairs.

Fiix Offers Control and Convenience to Customers

Once you become one of the many car experts in Canada, you’ll notice that when a customer brings a car into the garage, most often they have very limited knowledge on the type of repair that is needed. On the other hand, some customers like to select which repairs they would like specifically, which is why some will be excited by one of the options offered by Fiix. On the Fiix website the customer can actually pre-select their repairs.

Car mechanics also know that convenience can be a big factor for customers. That’s why they know another feature offered by Fiix is likely to be a big hit. With the general inspection service available from Fiix, a mechanic goes to wherever the customer has their car stored and checks over their car there—making routine maintenance more convenient than ever.

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