What the Used Car Boom Means for Professionals in an Auto Detailing Career

Used cars have long been prized as a more affordable option for buyers. While that is still the case, the price of used cars has soared, as countries around the world experience a shortage in the supply of new cars. More and more people are now turning to used cars as a solution.

When it comes to used cars, detailing services are essential to restore a vintage vehicle to its original condition and aesthetic. By studying in a detailing program and receiving an industry-recognized certificate, you will develop the expertise you need to take your skills to a booming sector. Here’s a closer look at what auto detailers can expect from the used car boom!

Used Car Boom

User cars are becoming more desirable than ever before. A global shortage of semiconductor computer microchips has slowed down the entire production process of new cars. Not to mention, many people feel less comfortable taking public transportation or taxis since the start of the global pandemic. Instead, they’re relying on their cars as their sole means of transportation. But without the availability of new vehicles, used cars present the best solution. 

Typically, used cars are more affordable, with lower taxation and registration fees. Although that’s still the case, the increased demand has caused the average price of a used vehicle to jump by 14%. Regardless of surging prices, auto professionals will find that there is no shortage of buyers. 

The sale of used cars has been increasing over the past few years

The Effect of This Boom on Detailing

With an increase in used cars comes an increase in demand for auto services. The current boom in used vehicles has led to more business for detailers, who can offer services to restore a vehicle to its original condition. Dealerships who supply used cars are in need of detailing services in order to improve the value and appeal of the cars they sell. 

Finely detailed cars not only look attractive to prospective buyers, but they also carry a higher resale and trade value. Important services that you will learn about in your auto detailing course include paint chip repairs, windshield repair, carpet dying to remove the appearance of stains or discoloration, permanent odour removal, and headlight restoration. Each of these services can help a car to look and feel newer. 

You can increase a car’s value by applying your auto detailing training

Auto Detailing Training Will Prepare You to Succeed

ATC Toronto offers an auto detailing training program in which you’ll develop the skills to become a professional detailer. With 85% of the program taking place in the shop through a hands-on learning approach, you’ll gain practical experience in giving vehicles a second life. After completing the program and passing the final exam, you’ll receive an industry-recognized certificate to apply to your professional work.

Through courses such as Introduction to Professional Automotive Detailing, you’ll learn all you need to know about preparing a car for a dealership’s showroom floor. Additionally, you’ll learn how to perform essential maintenance services on used vehicles through Exterior Preparation and Interior Reconditioning, as well as Vehicle Paint Surface Repair and Reconditioning. With a program that covers a wide variety of services in the field of auto detailing, you can expand your employment opportunities in a booming sector. 

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