Car Auctions: From the International Centre to Silverstone Circuit

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A red vintage Ford Mustang

While the start of May had many anxious Canadians rejoicing over the arrival of sun and warm weather, car enthusiasts were actually excited for an entirely different reason. The first weekend of May marked the annual Toronto Spring Classic Car Auction—a three-day event hosted at the International Centre in Mississauga, where hundreds of classic cars were gathered together with the hopes of finding new homes.

Of course, Canadian auto-lovers are not the only ones to have the opportunity of owning a classic car this season, as two stunning Ferraris were recently added to an auction at Silverstone, England, which will take place on May 23rd.

If you are pursuing an auto career, you will definitely be interested in learning all about the fantastic cars featured at these two auctions. Read on for more information!

A Classic Pickup That Any Auto Mechanic Would Love

One of the most unique vehicles to grace the International Centre in Mississauga was a 1948 Ford F-5. Auto technicians know that this particular model was the first post-war truck that the American auto company designed. The truck’s body is quite different from today’s pickups. The classic Ford F-5 is designed with a very wide cab and boasts a cab-over-engine design. The F-5 on display in Toronto was bright red in colour and definitely caught the eye of many onlookers who visited over the weekend.

Auto Sales Professionals Are Eager to See Classic Mustangs

Of course, every auto mechanic knows that a classic car auction just wouldn’t be the same without a few American muscle cars on its roster, and the Toronto Spring Classic Car Auction did not disappoint. Onlookers at the auction got to witness a one-of-a-kind cherry red 1968 Shelby Mustang GT500 KR convertible. Auctions are no doubt a great place to find some real classic gems, and students taking auto sales might even be inspired to one day sell or auction models just like this vintage beauty.

Auto Lovers Await the Ferrari Duo at Silverstone

Individuals planning to go on holiday towards the end of the month should definitely head to Britain to visit the iconic Silverstone Circuit, where they might catch a glimpse of not one, but two vintage Ferraris! While both are sleek yellow Testarossas, one is a 1986 model that boasts a single “flying mirror” and center-lock wheels, and the other is a 1994 F512M. As auto professionals might know, the F512M is a rare model, and one of the only 501 Ferrari models of its kind to ever be made. Students pursuing auto sales careers should keep tabs on Silverstone to find out exactly how much these classic yellow Ferraris go for on the sales floor.

Which vintage vehicle would you love to work on once you earn your auto technician diploma?

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