Canadian Sport Compact Series Round 5

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Currently in its 11th season, the Canadian Sport Compact Series (CSCS) is Canada’s largest sport compact championship. The event is comprised of four individual championships in one event, which includes: Canada’s Biggest Sport Compact Drag Series, Canada’s Biggest Time Attack Series, Canada’s Biggest Show & Shine Series, and Ontario’s Biggest Drift Series. If you currently have an automotive career, then it’s highly likely that this event isn’t news to you.

However, for those of you unfamiliar with the world of racing, for a bit of a background, drifting is a mix of racing and judging.  Independently funded by the participants, it’s a mixture of skill and showmanship around the track. Show & Shine is the opportunity to showcase what you’ve done to your vehicle with a variety of models and styles on display. In this event, car owners are competing for the coveted overall Best in Show prize, which typically has over 200 vehicles competing.

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And drag racing is standard racing. Anyone with a driver’s license and a car that passes inspection can participate in the race. Time Attack is basically high performance driving around a closed circuit. Drivers are given five laps during the competition; one warm up, three timed, and one cool down lap. Since many of the cars have been modified and improved for performance, if you’re currently studying automotive painting or even simply just working  as a automotive service technician, then this event is a great place to learn more techniques or just to see what others have done to their vehicles.

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Although the series has just come to the end, we’d like to give you a look at Round 5, which was the last round of the event and was held at Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayunga, Ontario. In this final event of the season, although the weather wasn’t the best for racing, some of the winners include Miguel Pereira for drifting, Mike McGinnis, who managed to set a new track record on Time Attack despite suffering a transmission failure in the first practice round and also included are Clint McAdams for Drag Racing and Rich Polsini for overall best in show winner.  Despite the challenge of the rainy weather, these drivers managed to place 1st in the finale for each listed event. There were other additional winners – for a full round-up take a look at the CSCS website.

If you haven’t had the chance to make it or are just curious about attending the event, there’s always next year! For a taste of some of the action that was at the CSCS check out the video below from Round 4.

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