An Overview Of The Auto Detailing Industry In Canada For Those In Automotive School

Are you looking to pursue a career in the automotive industry? Perhaps you’ve considered getting trained in professional auto detailing. Car owners need auto detailing services not only to keep their vehicles clean but also to fix damaged paint, dents, and remove rust. Though these services seem purely aesthetic, savvy drivers know that a vehicle’s body serves to protect mechanical components and maintain a vehicle’s resale value. 

Auto detailers can find work in body shops, providing their services independently, and in showrooms where they prepare vehicles to wow car lovers in eye-catching displays. This career path is certainly exciting for anyone with a passion for cars but before jumping in, you may be wondering what the industry is like in Canada. Keep reading for an overview. 

Canada’s Growing Population Could Fuel More Demand For Auto Detailing Services 

Disposable income is often a major contributing factor to a nation’s economy and in effect, how businesses within various industries perform. Canada’s population has grown significantly over the past several years causing an influx of new consumers ready to spend. Though some have expressed concerns over inflationary effects on the economy, there are benefits for various industries.

automotive school grads working together at a body shop
Canada’s growing population is great news for the auto detailing industry and automotive school grads.

According to an industry report by IBIS World, Canada’s higher per capita disposable income has fuelled demand for the car wash and automotive detailing industry. What might that mean for hopeful automotive students? Likely, there will be a need for your expertise. The IBIS report adds that industry growth has occurred despite some economic volatility. Surely, this is comforting. As you may have experienced, it seems like the economy is always in a state of flux. Knowing that you’re working in an industry that boasts consistently high demand will be a source of security after automotive school

Sustainability Is Becoming A Recurring Theme

The Canadian government is serious about tackling climate change. As a result, businesses are facing more stringent environmental laws with those failing to comply facing penalties. How does this affect the auto detailing industry? To reduce water usage, the government has increased the cost. In response, to keep utility bills low, auto detailing businesses are utilizing water reclamation systems (water recycling), the reusing of equipment, and even waterless cleaning and detailing. Companies who remain compliant with government policies and adapt to changing costs are likely to succeed in the end. This is nothing new and those seeking to enter the industry after auto detailing training can rest assured that sustainability isn’t a threat to your work prospects.

automotive school grad buffing a car
Sustainability is not a threat to the auto detailing industry and should not deter automotive school grads.

Should You Go To Automotive School To Enter This Industry? 

So, should you follow your passion for restoring vehicles and enroll in auto detailing courses? Demand in the industry remains strong and innovation in the field has mitigated additional costs from environmental policies. To enter this highly valued automotive sector, consider our training program. You will receive hands-on training in professional auto detailing where 85% of instruction occurs in a shop setting allowing you to hone your skills and gain confidence that will translate into the workplace. Get a thorough introduction to professional auto detailing, learn exterior and interior reconditioning, master paint reconditioning, and much more. 

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