Cadillac’s First All-Electric Vehicle: What You Need to Know If You’re Interested in Auto Technology School

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The electric vehicle (EV) market is heating up, with carmakers seemingly tripping over themselves to offer their own take on the EV. Cadillac recently became the latest manufacturer to jump into the EV market with the announcement of its first all-electric vehicle. For the time being, the details of this new vehicle remain a mystery and we don’t even know what GM (Cadillac’s parent company) plans on calling it. However, Cadillac did release a few concept pictures and gave a short presentation at the recent Detroit Auto Show to give us some idea of where they are heading.

If you’re an auto enthusiast, the bits of information Cadillac has given about its new EV are extremely exciting. Read on to find out what we know so far about this vehicle and when we can expect to see it in the showroom.

The EV Will Be a Crossover, Which Students in Auto Technology School Know Are Popular

Given the seemingly insatiable demand for crossovers—which combine the look and cargo space of SUVs with the platform and performance of a car—it is hardly surprising that Cadillac decided to make its first electric vehicle a crossover. While we don’t know a whole lot about this EV crossover (GM says details will be released later), at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show the carmaker provided some concept pictures that give us a few tantalizing hints.

For example, the backs of the front seats were depicted as being entirely screens, which will give rear passengers plenty of entertainment options. Furthermore, Cadillac showed how the steering wheel may fold into the dashboard, which suggests GM may have future plans to turn this concept car into a fully autonomous EV.

GM Plans to Make Cadillac the Standard Bearer for its Overall EV Efforts

Cadillac’s parent company GM has dipped its toe into the EV market before, most notably with the Chevrolet Bolt. However, going forward GM says it wants Cadillac to lead GM’s overall EV efforts, starting with this yet unnamed EV. That decision makes sense given that Cadillac is GM’s high-end brand and EV vehicles are still considered something of a high-end product. In fact, many car features that are considered standard today, like cruise control, air conditioning, and automatic transmission, all began as luxury features before being adapted to the mass market.

GM’s move to make Cadillac its EV standard bearer also means the automaker will compete more directly with other high-end EV makers, like Tesla, Audi, Infiniti, and BMW. So if you’re considering auto technology school, expect to encounter a whole lot more high-end EVs once you get started in your career.

Cadillac’s EV Will Ride on a Flexible Platform that Will Allow for Multiple Models

In an indication that GM is serious about making a big push into the EV market with Cadillac, this concept vehicle will ride on the BEV3 platform. That’s an exciting development because the BEV3 platform will be able to support a large range of EV vehicles, including in front- wheel-drive, rear- wheel-drive, and all-wheel-drive. It also allows many different models and body styles to share advanced parts, which means the company can streamline design and development to adapt more quickly to changing tastes in the EV market.

After finishing automotive technology training, you can expect to see the first Cadillac vehicles on the BEV3 platform rolling onto streets in 2021, with more models planned soon after.

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