Why Caddy’s Super Cruise Is Called the Best Driver Assist System: A Look for Students of Auto Mechanic School

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When you think of driver assistance technology, Cadillac might not be the first automaker to come to mind. However, the manufacturer’s Super Cruise technology is making waves in the realm of driver assistance systems, especially after Consumer Reports named it the top driving assistance system from a pool of competitors that included Tesla, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and more. What makes Cadillac’s Super Cruise system so remarkable? Here’s what you need to know about Super Cruise’s innovative features and what they mean for the future of self-driving technology.

Those in Auto Mechanic School Should Know How Super Cruise Works

Like most prominent driver assistance systems, Cadillac’s Super Cruise is designed to provide active driver assistance with adaptive cruise control and active lane control. Adaptive cruise control enables the vehicle to move from a set speed to brake or accelerate, contingent on maintaining a certain distance from the vehicle ahead. With active lane keeping assist, Super Cruise keeps the car safely in the lane, centered between the lines. 

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Driving assistance technology is advancing, and Cadillac’s Super Cruise system is on the forefront

If you’re in auto mechanic school, you’ll be interested to know how and when Super Cruise can be activated in a Cadillac. Cadillac uses light radar scanning technology to allow for precision mapping of over 300,000 km of highways in the United States and Canada. Whenever the driver enters a stretch of highway compatible with Super Cruise technology, detected through data connection and supported by GPS signal and cell reception, the option for Super Cruise is activated. If a driver feels like it, they can allow the driver assistance system to take over, allowing them to take their hands off the wheel, especially helpful during long stretches of highway or tedious stop and go traffic.

Why Super Cruise Stands Out

The driver assistance features of Cadillac’s Super Cruise are solid as far as driving assistance technology goes, but the reason for its popularity and high rating largely comes from its safety features. A large concern with the future of driving assistance technology today is that the features will encourage the driver to disengage from controlling the car while the system is responsible for steering and speed. Drivers may be more likely to turn around or use their phones, creating a problem. Driver assistance systems, while convenient, are not self-driving, and as those in auto mechanic courses may know, they still require constant engagement from the driver while it’s in use. These systems are not equipped to handle unexpected obstacles such as potholes or construction.

On Consumer Reports’ test, Super Cruise stood out in the “Unresponsive Driver” and “Keeping the Driver Engaged” categories. This is because Super Cruise is equipped with an infrared camera which focuses on the driver’s eyes. This technology can detect whether the driver’s eyes are looking at the road, and if the driver isn’t engaged, it will activate it’s warning system. First, red lights will flash at the steering wheel’s upper rim, and if the driver still doesn’t pay attention, the system is capable of slowing down the car and stopping it, and will make an emergency call for assistance. This feature sets Cadillac’s Super Cruise apart, and sets a standard for the driving assistance technology of the future, which should prioritize safety for drivers and others on the road as these technologies continue to advance.

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