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The job search is always a stressful period of time as we try and find work that suits our qualifications and passions. It’s challenging to find a career that combines joy and job prospects, so check out the opportunities available in the auto repair industry. This hands-on role offers graduates the chance to work with beautiful vehicles in a great team environment, and the job outlook is excellent.

Canada is continually trying to get people interested in the trades, as baby boomers retire and vacancies quickly pop up. Here’s a closer examination of just how in-demand it is.

Choose a Career with Excellent Job Prospects

People still love driving their cars, so there will always be a need for workers who are trained to fix mechanical problems. Training at an auto technology school is a great way to set up a career with excellent job prospects, as outlined by official Government of Canada figures. It has been estimated that new mechanic vacancies will total 31,300 between 2015-2024, with just 29,300 new job seekers forecast to fill the roles. Employers are crying out for motivated and skilled workers who can fix car problems, making new graduates very valued professionals.

More and more professionals are needed to solve complex car problems
More and more professionals are needed to solve complex car problems

There’s Lots of Full-Time Work after Completing an Automotive Technology Program

Job stability is an important factor for many people when considering a career choice, and there’s a good chance you’ll find a workplace to call home after training in auto repair. According to the 2015 Labour Force Survey, 96 per cent of auto mechanics in Canada worked on a full-time basis compared to 81 per cent of workers across all occupations.

Over the last decade, Canadian workers in many different fields have seen a rise in part-time and contract work. These precarious work situations often don’t include benefits, a pension, or vacation time—making it especially difficult for young professionals who want to start a family or enjoy a healthy work-life balance. This kind of employment also delays career growth, as the focus shifts from attainting promotions to finding the next open contract position. While figures have started to pick up over the last couple of years, many young professionals simply don’t want to face such a risk. By opting for an automotive technology course, graduates can increase their chances of gaining solid full-time work.

Why a Career in Auto Repair Could Suit You Perfectly

Now you know that there are great job prospects and plenty of opportunity working in auto technology, take a look at your personal skillset. Are you interested in cars? Do you like working with others while solving problems? If it’s a yes to both, then auto repair could be the perfect career choice.

The hands-on training provided at top schools like Automotive Training Centres offers an enjoyable learning experience and suits people who want to put their new knowledge into practice immediately. As well as picking up expert insights in the classroom, students get the chance to learn by doing in the workshop. This makes training so much more enjoyable and will help to develop a passion and motivation for car repair—which will help you step into your career with confidence after graduation.

Switch to an exciting career by studying our automotive technology program.

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