How to Build Confidence for an Auto Mechanic Career in 2020

auto mechanic career

Many people believe that confidence is the key to everything. Arguably, confidence can be learned and practiced the same as any other skill you need to do a tune up or a 30,000 km check in. Whether you are just starting school, an apprenticeship, or a new job at a shop, a healthy level of self-assurance can make all the difference.

Throughout your career, it will get easier to maintain this skill. To a certain extent, your confidence will grow because you will gain first-hand knowledge. However, it is important to start from the beginning with confidence and maintain it just as you would any other skill. Keep reading to learn more about how to do this as you get your auto mechanic career in gear.

Focus on Your Future Auto Mechanic Career

If you are just starting to think about training for an auto mechanic career you may feel both excited and intimidated. These are typical feelings, but if you want to curb the intimidation or doubt, it may be helpful to remember that learning takes time and that you will go a long way by focusing on your career goals.

Focus on your future and remember you’re working building skills for an important trade

Focus on your future and remember you’re working building skills for an important trade

Thinking about your future in a positive way can motivate you and give you the confidence to keep learning and progressing every day. This will also contribute to a sense of satisfaction because you will be able to recognize that you are spending your time wisely and that your hard work is paying off.

Ask for Help and Help Others

The idea of asking for help may make perfect sense when you are in auto technology school, but it also makes sense to continue seeking out help throughout your apprenticeship and career. Technology and cars change and most people continue to learn on the job in order to keep up. The more you know and stay up-to-date on your knowledge, the more confident you will be.

When you ask questions it shows that you are ready to learn something new. Most would agree that this is better than being embarrassed not to know something or making an error because you did not want to ask a question. Plus, the knowledge you gain and your confidence will feed each other. Similarly, you will gain more confidence in every respect if you help others when they ask as well.

Celebrate Big and Small Accomplishments

At the end of a long day it might be difficult to see the big picture. This is why it is important to celebrate both big and small accomplishments. For example, if you acknowledge that you learned the difference between a ball joint and a tie rod one day and about constant velocity and universal joints the next, you will feel more confident for the day after that.

The time you take to acknowledge where you are succeeding will make every step seem easier

The time you take to acknowledge where you are succeeding will make every step seem easier

All of the small steps add up and when you can see that, you will work toward your bigger milestones with greater certainty. For many, it takes practice to maintain confidence through positivity, which is why these daily celebrations, however small, will make all the difference as you build up this essential skill.

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