What Does BMW Have in Store for 2017?

Automotive technician what does BMW have in store for 2017

BMW is no doubt one of the most prolific automakers of the 20th and 21st centuries. As the manufacturer of top of the line motorcycles, Formula 1 race cars, and luxury consumer vehicles, the German brand has earned its spot in the world as a leader in auto technology.

Today’s BMW lineup is more impressive than ever before. Not only has BMW introduced new hybrid and electric sedans, the brand actually hosts nine different series of vehicles, from coupé sports cars to SUVs and convertibles. No matter what auto lovers are searching for, they’ll likely find it at BMW.

There is always lots of excitement surrounding any new BMW release, so it’s no surprise that rumours have already been flying about the automaker’s highly-anticipated 2017 lineup of vehicles. While some of the details are still being kept hushed from the media, here are a few of the vehicles suspected to make the 2017 roster. Read on for the details.

The BMW X2: A Sporty Coupé SUV

As students attending mechanic college know, SUVs are the new “it” vehicle. No matter if you’re driving in the city or off-roading, the SUV has proven itself as one of the most versatile vehicles of today’s generation. Rumoured to be one of BMW’s 2017 releases is the BMW X2 SUV. Of course, in true BMW style, this won’t just be your typical 5-door SUV.

The BMW X2 will be coupé style, with all-wheel drive and a hatchback trunk. Although a top speed hasn’t been announced, rumours have it that the BMW X2 will rival the Audi RS Q3, which has a top speed of 340 horsepower. For those who want the versatility of an SUV, with the look of a sports car, the BMW X2 is the ultimate vehicle.

Auto Technicians Have Hope for the BMW 5-series Sedan

The BMW 5-series has been in a bit of a rut lately, which is why fans are eagerly awaiting what the 2017 model will bring. Fans have complained that the recent 5-series designs have been too mediocre, having lost much of the BMW spirit that was present in the E39 5-series, which ran between 1995-2003.

What fans want to see out of the new 5-series is a sportier design, paired with the high speed expected of a luxury car. BMW has actually cut weight from the 5-series by using aluminum, in an effort to increase speeds and improve fuel efficiency. The new release is also rumoured to boast an all-new rear-wheel drive system for better handling. While BMW has a lot of work to do to impress fans with the new 5-series, the specs for this vehicle look promising.

BMW M5 xDrive: An Exciting New Leap for Auto Mechanics

While BMW’s recent exterior designs have been less exciting than fans would have hoped for, the auto manufacturer makes up for it with stellar engineering. While the M lineup at BMW is known for its rear-wheel drive, this 2017 release will mark a break from this formula. The 2017 BMW M5 will be a high-powered all-wheel drive sedan. Automotive service technicians might notice that BMW seems to be following in the steps of major German automakers Audi and Mercedes-Benz, who have also installed AWD in their recently released sedans. As for specs, the new M5 is expected to have up to 600 horsepower and a price tag somewhere in the $100,000 range.

Does the 2017 BMW line up make you excited to work on these cars when you become an automotive technician?

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