BMW and Porsche Solve “First World Problems” with New Apple Watch App

Apple Watch App

It seems that activating your car’s Bluetooth or infotainment system by pushing a button or tapping a dashboard screen might just be going out of style. Luxury automakers have discovered a way to connect drivers to their vehicles long before they even reach for the keys.

As every tech fanatic likely already knows, Apple’s latest product, the highly sought after Apple Watch, was released about a month ago. Of course, it is not surprising that luxury automakers like Porsche and BMW saw this piece of equipment as a new opportunity. Embracing the watch, the two car manufacturers launched their very own Apple Watch apps, ensuring that drivers of their vehicles will only ever have to turn their wrists to unlock their cars, check their gas and more.

If you are pursuing an auto career, read on to learn more about how the Apple Watch just might revolutionize automotive technology.

Porsche Moves its Car Connect System from Smartphone to Wrist

Professionals in auto careers know that Porsche already has its own Smartphone app. The Porsche Car Connect system allows drivers to have remote access to their vehicle information from their phones. Drivers can also control specific car functions on-the-go including climate control and vehicle tracking.

However, Porsche has since made it easier for their customers as they can now access all of these same functions using the Apple Watch instead of a Smartphone. It is important to note that the Apple Watch won’t function without being connected to a Smartphone, so users will still need to have their phone on them—but at least they won’t be forced to take it out of their pockets or bags.

Auto Pros at BMW Introduce the iRemote App for the Apple Watch

Similar to Porsche’s Car Connect system, BMW has its very own remote control app. However, BMWs iRemote application is only compatible with a few of its car models, such as the i3 and i8 hybrid vehicles. Recent graduates of mechanic programs who have worked on any of the German automaker’s iSeries models know that the app provides drivers with complete control over their car’s remaining driving range, heating and cooling systems, charging schedules, and more.

Auto experts know that BMWs app is quite convenient for electric vehicles, since it can help users preserve their car’s remaining energy as well as locate nearby charging stations on a map that’s featured on the watch. While some people find BMW’s iRemote app unnecessary, automotive service technicians see the potential. Experts understand that EVs do not get as much range as traditional gas vehicles, so it is important to keep track of a hybrid’s battery life.

What do you think about luxury automotive brands like Porsche and BMW integrating Apple Watch technology into their vehicles?

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