BMW Partners with Baidu to Release a Self-Driving Car

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Baidu is a Chinese search engine and technology company, often referred to as “China’s Google.” Over the past few years, the company has been working on the research and technology for autonomous vehicles. Recently, Baidu has announced that it will be partnering with German luxury automaker, BMW, for the development of an autonomous vehicle.

Of course, auto professionals already know that the prominent American search engine, Google, has recently decided to get into the self-driving car game themselves, unveiling a lineup of prototype autonomous vehicles just last year. However, Baidu’s upcoming prototype promises to be slightly different than Google’s car and others like it.

Students pursuing automotive careers will definitely want to know more about this upcoming vehicle. Read on for the details.

A Unique Driverless Vehicle to Join the Auto Industry

Students enrolled in automotive courses know that many American autonomous vehicles, like Google’s car, and Tesla’s Model S, are virtually capable of driving themselves. However, Baidu’s head of deep learning, Kai Yu, stated that the technology that Baidu is developing is made to assist drivers as opposed to completely replacing them.

So far, Baidu has got everything it needs for the car to be a success, including its very own data-mapping service. The Chinese company has also done a lot of research in artificial intelligence including testing a technology that allows cars to have computer vision, and more.

Why Self-Driving Cars Might Grace China’s Automotive Market First

Graduates of mechanic college know that while there are already several self-driving vehicles out there, getting them on the roads is another issue entirely. This is mainly because allowing autonomous vehicles on the roads requires legislation, and governments are still reluctant to regulate and plan for such vehicles, due to some of the controversy surrounding them. Some issues that raise concern include; who would be responsible in the event of an accident, what would occur in an emergency situation as well as how safe the vehicles would actually be.

As Canadians, we can expect to see autonomous vehicles on our roads in the next four years. However, China, being led by the Baidu and BMW collaboration will probably beat us to the punch. China has got a flexible legislation; therefore its government is much more likely to speed the process along in order to get autonomous cars on the roads.

When Will Auto-lovers Get a Glimpse of the Baidu-BMW Car?

Professionals in automotive careers might remember Baidu first announcing this project early last year. Seemingly, the Chinese tech company and partner BMW have been working together on the development of the car since. While no launch date or unveiling has been set for the all-new driverless car, BMW did state that the companies plan to begin testing the autonomous vehicle in China by the end of this year.

Do you think you’ll see autonomous vehicles on the road by the time you earn your automotive technician diploma?

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