BMW Gives its 2016 7 Series a Makeover

BMW Gives its 2016 7 Series a Makeover

BMW is showing no sign of stopping when it comes to expanding their luxury line-up of vehicles. Set to be released sometime this upcoming October, the new 2016 BMW 7 series is already churning up conversation and speculation. While final photos have yet to be released, BMW has given its fans some pretty thorough details about what the new series will offer.

Read on to get the scoop on some of the best and most original features of this new luxury line-up.

Carbon Core Structure Cuts Vehicle Weight Dramatically

One of the impressive features of the new 7 Series is BMW’s innovative Carbon Core structure. Students in mechanic college might remember that at the beginning of this year, Ford released their new F-150 with an aluminum body instead of steel. This change in materials caused a dramatic weight reduction of 700 pounds, and led to better fuel economy.

BMW’s revolutionary Carbon Core structure uses a mixture of carbon fibre, aluminum and steel, leading to a 2016 line-up that’s 190 pounds lighter than before. The weight reduction has also led to a lower center of gravity—which every professional automotive service technician knows makes a car ultimately more stable when travelling at high speeds.

Auto Lovers Can Bask in the Executive Lounge Seating

Catering to their luxury class clientele, BMW has incorporated “Rear Executive Lounge Seating” in this new line of 7 Series vehicles. This speciality seating, positioned behind the front passenger, is every bit as luxurious as students could imagine. The “executive lounge” features heated arm rests, a touch-command tablet, and a massage function with three different levels of intensity.

But that’s not all. The front passenger seat can slide forward, making room for a foot rest, which compliments the double cup holders, storage compartment and fold-out table which also come in this package. In today’s ever-expanding luxury car market, this executive lounge seating set-up is bound to be a hit amongst the Wall Street elite.

Interior Tech Features That’ll Wow Any Auto Mechanic

Of course, with a new BMW Series comes a newly updated iDrive navigation system—this year called the iDrive 5.0. The 2016 iDrive system (exclusive to BMW vehicles) has touch screen capabilities, and 3D Gesture Control that responds to hand motion commands.

Another key feature of the new 7 Series is the Active Kidney Grille, which not only helps cool the engine, but also is optimized for aerodynamics. Compared to previous models, the Active Kidney Grille reduces air drag by up to 15%.

In true luxury fashion, 2016 7 Series vehicles will also come with ambiance lighting, illuminated bars on the door sill, and the exclusive Panoramic Sky Lounge LED Roof. This special rooftop design will use LED lights to create the effect of a starlit sky, right inside the car!

Would you be excited to service one of these new BMWs after completing your auto mechanic training?



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