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It’s been a long and eventful year, but 2013 is finally coming to a close. There has been an immense influx of great advancements, groundbreaking ideas and entertaining events, and we’re here to re-cap the best of the best for 2013. So, if you missed what went on in the automotive world this year, or in automotive careers in Toronto, this will catch you up. But hey, if you paid close attention all year, then you can revel in the nostalgia of what a great year this has been and you might even learn something new.

One of the most innovative and groundbreaking ideas to emerge in 2013 was the Ford Edge Concept with its fully-automated parking system. Debuted at the 2013 Los Angeles Automotive Show, the Edge Concept features complete and fully functioning self-parking technology. Complete with motion and object detectors and the ability to control the car from inside or outside means that troublesome parallel parking and squeezing out of that parking place without dinging some doors might be things of the past.

Fully-automated parking is just one of the many advancements in driver-assisting technology to surface this year, along with object identification while driving, so the car can correct your course if you fail to swerve out of the way of an oncoming object. So, you never know, maybe mechanic courses in Toronto will have to offer some training on these robot things in the future!

Speaking of the Los Angeles Automotive Show, this year’s show was one of the most successful in recent history, and there were a ton of forward-thinking and groundbreaking concept cars. From new BMWs to an interesting new take on the Land Rover, it was an interesting and forward-looking show, garering one of the largest attendances in the show’s history.

Dispatcher careers have also come up in 2013, and  have started becoming more popular with the world automotive training in Toronto. Dispatching careers can lead you anywhere from a job as a train controller – making sure deliveries get there on time, and making sure that the rail territory you’re managing is moving smoothly, without delay – to an emergency vehicle dispatcher, who has to take down information in a flash and properly guide emergency vehicles to the scene. An extremely varied and rewarding career, it’s no wonder people are starting to take notice.

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There have also been some great improvements in energy storage and electric vehicles. Many automobile manufacturers are developing technology for storing energy in the panels of the vehicle, not just the battery. Hopefully this means an eventual elimination of clunky, leaky batteries. There are also plans to impliment electric vehicles with the panels, making them more efficient, so they need less of a charge, less often.

Technology was at the forefront of 2013, we are continually looking forward and striving to make driving, and automobiles, more environmentally friendly, more efficient and – most importantly – safer. Here’s to a great year, and we look forward to seeing you in 2014!



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