The Benefits of Being a Self-Employed Auto Mechanic

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Working in a garage or a dealership can be great—and it definitely comes with its own set of unique perks—but for mechanics who want a bit more control over their work schedules, more cash, or just want to start their own business, self-employment is a great option. To be a successfully self-employed mechanic you’ll need a good understanding of how to run your own mobile business, determination to seek out new opportunities, and above all a positive attitude!

Are you curious as to how you can thrive as a self-employed mechanic? Below are some of the important factors and benefits to consider!

You Get to Set Your Own Hours and Choose Your Own Clients!

One of the great perks of owning any kind of business is the amount of control you’ll have over which clients you’ll work with and between which times you will be providing a service. Self-employed auto mechanics can start their own freelance business by acquiring a business licence from their city or province. A freelance mobile auto mechanic will provide repair services to clients at their homes. At first you’ll need to successfully market your business through flyers, word of mouth, social media, or business cards, but once you get enough attention you’ll be able to pick and choose the clients you want.

As a self-employed mechanic, you determine the location and hours of service
As a self-employed mechanic, you determine the location and hours of service

A self-employed mechanic can decide when, where, and how long they intend to work. For example, some self-employed mechanics may want to make themselves more available to their clients, say on nights and weekends, in order to earn more money. Or they could design their schedules so that they service clients in the day and can therefore spend more time with their family in the evening. In the end, all the important decisions fall to you, which can be very liberating.

You Can Build Trust With Your Clients and Earn a Better Salary

When working in some auto repair shops and garages, it can be hard to really connect and build solid relationships with the clients whose cars you’re servicing. Depending on the shop or garage, they may deal with auto service advisors instead, and all you’ll need to do is conduct repairs. Becoming a self-employed mechanic after automotive school will let you interact more closely with clients, giving you the opportunity to earn their trust.

First impressions are everything, and being able to maintain eye contact and listen can make your clients confident that you’ll go the extra mile to give them the best service possible. Happy clients will also be more likely to pass your name around to their family and friends too. Self-employed mechanics also have the option of earning more money than if they were salaried, since they can set their own rates and prices.

A Self-Employed Auto Mechanic Doesn’t Have Many Overhead Costs

One of the great benefits of having a freelance auto repair business as opposed to owning your own shop is the lack of high overhead charges. Yes, you will need to pay for your own tools and you may have travel expenses—unless clients are coming to you—but those costs won’t be nearly as high as having to maintain an actual shop.

You may also be able to file tax claims for certain tools and protective wear because you run your own business. This means greater savings and more money for you to invest into your auto repair business. Being a self-employed mechanic is not without its risks, as with owning any business, but the benefits certainly outweigh and negatives!

Start your own lucrative business with the help of mechanic training!
Start your own lucrative business with the help of mechanic training!

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