BC’s Luxury & Supercar Weekend: A Guide for Aspiring Auto Service Techs

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Every September, the BC Luxury & Supercar Weekend is held at the VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver. During this year’s Luxury & Supercar Weekend, spectators viewed over $200 million dollar’s worth of rare classic cars and modern supercars—a truly fascinating experience for any auto-lover.

If you are planning to pursue an auto career, read on to learn more about some of the models that were on display at this year’s event.

Rolls Royce Wraith Inspired by Film: Luxury Meets the Silver Screen

Rolls Royce has yet to produce a mid-engine supercar; however, the automaker still offers extremely high levels of craftsmanship. The Wraith Inspired by Film features several unique options that were inspired by the silver screen. These include a two-tone silver paint job, a “Spirit of Ecstasy” hood ornament, and an LED starlight headliner which makes the car’s ceiling glow like the night sky—tracking down replacement parts for this particular car might prove difficult for a service advisor.

Automotive experts know that the Wraith is the most powerful Rolls Royce production vehicle. Its twin-turbo engine produces 624 horsepower, making the car capable of hitting 62mph (100km/h) in about four seconds.

While the standard Rolls Royce Wraith is priced at approximately $340,000, drivers can add the Inspired by Film package for about $45,000 more. The British carmaker also offers other inclusive luxury options for the Wraith, such as the “Inspired by Music” and “Inspired by Fashion” packages.

Here’s a closer look at the interior and exterior of the Rolls Royce Wraith Inspired by Film:

Felino CB7: Canadian Automotive Innovation

While it was one of the lesser-known models on display at the weekend event, the Felino CB7 is 100% Canadian and was designed and built in Quebec. The CB7’s fierce exterior generated a lot of attention when it was first unveiled at last year’s Montreal Auto Show.

The car is available with a selection of V8 engines, and the highest-spec model has a 6.2 litre that produces 680 horsepower. The CB7 offers very little on-board technology, so owners can direct their focus to the raw, powerful driving experience. And of course, any automotive service worker knows that less technology means the car will likely have less technical complications that need to be repaired.

Check out the Felino CB7 on the Gilles Villeneuve race track in Montreal:

Ferrari LaFerarri: Aerodynamics That’ll Impress An Auto Service Technician

There’s nothing about the LaFerrari that wasn’t innovatively designed. The exterior boasts deep, stylish curves, which lead to the car’s dome-shaped cabin. The LaFerrari uses active aerodynamics. This means that its shape transforms at different speeds to maximize down force and get a better grip the road.

The Ferrari LaFerarri has got a V12 engine under its sloped hood. In addition, the car features a Hy-KERS hybrid system, and when combined with the V12 engine, it is capable of producing 950 horsepower.

Here’s a glimpse of the design features of the Ferarri LaFerrari:

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