BC First in Canadian Luxury Car Sales

New models of X3 X6 SUV presented in BMW Welt show

According to recent research by Canadian automotive analyst firm DesRosiers Automotive Consultants, drivers in British Columbia have some pretty expensive taste. In fact, research showed that the province is responsible for purchasing 41.2% above the overall Canadian market-share average of pure luxury vehicles last year. If you are contemplating pursuing auto sales training in Surrey, read on to learn why the province of BC loves its luxury cars, and why an auto career in this area could be a great opportunity.

Factoring In the Weather

One major benefit of having a luxury vehicle in the province of British Columbia is the fact that the weather is much warmer and much more manageable than most other Canadian provinces, like Quebec for example. Anyone enrolled in a mechanic program knows that BC’s weather is much easier on vehicles, and that reason alone plays a major role in a consumer’s willingness to spend the extra money on luxury, because they know it will last. As a bonus, these luxury vehicles will be driveable all 12 months of the year.

Premium Vehicles for Different Markets

British Columbia is considered home to approximately four million people, and its population is made up of a wide variety of cultures and individuals that come from varying markets. Many luxury vehicle consumers in the province are individuals who are originally from foreign countries. While most North Americans consider $200,000 luxury vehicles expensive, to individuals from Asia, for example, prices such as these are considered extremely low. This is mostly because luxury vehicles are found for almost double the price on other continents, where taxes on imported cars are much higher.

Sudden Rise of Luxury Dealerships in BC

If you need another reason to pursue automotive training, here it is: automotive manufacturers have definitely noticed that the people of British Columbia will spend a lot of their money on luxury vehicles, as many companies have begun to set up shop within the province. In fact, just last year BC received two brand new Mercedes-Benz dealerships, and the province should expect to see an Audi dealership in the near future. Auto manufacturers who already have multiple dealerships in BC, like Jaguar Land Rover and Bentley, have instead invested in renovating their shops to provide their existing customers with fresh new looks.

BMW X-Class

Studies show that BMW is among the most popular auto brand choices for British Columbians, specifically the BMW X5. In fact, Autoform Performance’s Mike Wood reported that BMW Canada sold approximately 1700 units of its X5 model in British Columbia alone. And, considering that only 6000 X5s were sold in Canada altogether, industry professionals can see how impressive this number actually is.

Do you know what other luxury car brands are popular in British Columbia?

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