How Automotive Training Helps Empower Women in the Trades

automotive training A 2011 government survey found that only 2 per cent of Canadian mechanic jobs were held by women—compared to a 48 per cent average across all professions. Fortunately, mechanic training, auto body training, collision estimating training, and more are becoming increasingly popular among women entering the trades, allowing them to break stubborn stereotypes as they pursue their professional passions.

Top colleges work hard to ensure that all students feel welcome and supported, so that each one graduates with the skills and confidence they need to thrive. Developing industry-specific skills, these training programs empower women to pursue exciting opportunities—turning a love of cars into a sustainable career.

Are you curious to know how automotive training is empowering women toward careers in the trades? Keep reading to find out!

Students Benefit from Welcoming and Inclusive Courses

Enrolling into an automotive training program—whether to become a mechanic, work in auto body, pursue a career in collision estimating, or any other automotive trade—takes courage. Many students feel nervous about starting their studies, especially when they don’t know any other students in the classroom.
Fortunately, top colleges work hard to make sure that all students feel welcomed and supported. “I started the course with a bit of mechanical knowledge and was expecting the other students to treat me differently because I am female,” remembers Amber, a graduate of ATC’s Automotive Service Technician Foundation program. Once she stepped into the classroom, though, her initial fears melted away: “Even though I was the only female in my class at the time, all the students treated me with respect and helped me when I needed it.”

Christine, who completed the Collision Estimating Course, also recalls feeling nervous before beginning her studies: “I came into the course with no knowledge of estimating or what it really was. I was scared to take the course thinking I wouldn’t like it or I would fail because it might be too tough.” Supportive teachers and welcoming students helped to quickly ease those fears. “During my time at ATC, I made friends who I will always cherish and met a teacher who taught me so much,” says Christine, “We all had each other’s back and helped everyone get through it and that is what I needed.”

Automotive Training Offers Women Direct Professional Pathways

The right training program can help women feel more self-assured. Hands-on training helps students step into their first job with confidence, while dedicated career services help them secure that first job after graduation and launch their careers.

Crystal, who completed ATC’s Auto Body program, says that “ATC gave me the foundation I needed so that when I went into a shop, I was not going in blind. I knew what I was doing, and my employer (which the staff at ATC helped me find) appreciates that.” Crystal also shares her ambitions, which extend far beyond securing employment after graduation. “I am looking forward to the day I can own my own shop.” She says, noting that “If it wasn’t for ATC, I don’t think that I would have ever made it this far.”

Automotive training can maximize a natural aptitude and turn it into a rewarding career

Automotive training can maximize a natural aptitude and turn it into a rewarding career

Alumni and Current Students Offer Words of Encouragement and Inspiration

Graduates of mechanic courses, auto body courses, collision estimating training, and more often become role models and figures of inspiration. Their words of encouragement and own professional success help to motivate new students. “Being female has never held me back in this field either,” says Crystal, “I wanted to prove that a girl can ROCK in a career like this too…”

As women continue to make strides in the trades, they are likely to inspire more students in years to come. With quality training geared toward professional success, top training programs can empower women to follow their passions—and ultimately change the face of the industry.

“Here is something I want to leave with you,” says Amber, “Follow your dreams and you will succeed at anything. Don’t let life get you down. Life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself. And for women, don’t be afraid to go into this trade, or let anyone tell you that you can’t do it because you are female. Women make great mechanics, and sometimes we do it even better!”

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