Considering Automotive Technology Training? Here’s What We Love About The 2024 Acura ZDX Infotainment System

Cars are more than just a means of moving from one point to another. These days, cars can be anything, including a fashion statement, your personal driving instructor, and a fully optimized entertainment system to keep you company on those long trips. 

The 2024 Acura ZDX’s infotainment system is a classic example. The infotainment system will come integrated with Google Assistant and Google Maps right out of the box, offering direct access to the Google Play store for further app customization. Notably, the EV route planning feature within Google Maps allows drivers to conveniently plan and schedule their charging stops without leaving the vehicle. The map and direction information will conveniently be displayed directly in the instrument cluster. Google Assistant brings added convenience by offering hands-free control of numerous functions like texting, tracking changes, and many more, all controllable via voice commands. For users of other mobile operating systems, both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will also be made available.

If you’re considering automotive technology training, this blog post beams the spotlight on the 2024 Acura ZDX infotainment system, highlighting a few things we love about it.

Google Integration

As you’ll discover in automotive technology training, Acura is following in the footsteps of various automakers like Polestar, Chevrolet, and others, by incorporating Google applications into its infotainment system. This integration, which makes its debut in the 2024 ZDX electric SUV, includes Google Maps, Google Assistant, and a selection of other Google applications. The infotainment system will continue to facilitate phone mirroring applications like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto from Google.

The Acura ZDX infotainment system, to be explored in automotive technology training
As you’ll discover in automotive technology training, the Acura ZDX allows drivers to condition the battery for charging.

Google Maps, among the integrated apps, could prove to be particularly handy. Its advanced features will allow drivers to plan routes that factor in charging stops, including estimates of charging times. In addition, Google Maps will be equipped to instruct the car to preheat the battery to ensure maximum efficiency when heading to a DC fast charger. Other Google applications will also be accessible, enabling you to log in to your account and utilize them without having to connect your phone.

Touchscreen Controls Explained During Automotive Technology Training.

An intriguing detail from the Acura infotainment unveiling reveals that the ZDX will sport a touchscreen for the infotainment system. Presently, Acura’s lineup of gas-powered vehicles primarily incorporates an infotainment system that revolves around a touchpad – the sole medium of interaction with the system. The Integra stands as an outlier, adopting the Civic system entirely, which you’ll fully explore in auto mechanic training. Acura has not confirmed whether the ZDX will maintain the touchpad; however, the system’s preview indicates a marked emphasis on touchscreen functionality.

The Acura ZDX boasts a futuristic intuitive voice control making navigation, entertainment and communication a breeze while maintaining full focus on the road.

Intuitive Voice Control

An essential component of the infotainment system is Google Assistant, which assumes a pivotal role. This voice-activated system grants users swift and secure access to navigation, entertainment, and communication applications. Additionally, it enables users to effortlessly adjust the cabin temperature, set reminders, and input destinations on Google Maps, with route guidance being displayed directly on the instrument cluster for added convenience. Integration with Google Play also grants users the freedom to download various third-party applications for music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. 

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