Why Taking an Automotive Technology Program in Toronto Is a Great Idea

automotive technology program in Toronto

Toronto isn’t just about the CN Tower, the Raptors, and Drake—it loves its cars, too. You may not realize it, but Toronto is a great place to learn about vehicles and automotive technology. In fact, Toronto is one of the most car-forward cities in North America right now.

Toronto is a great city to live and work in, and an especially exciting city to learn about automotive technology. Here are a few reasons why.

Demand for Graduates of an Auto Service Technician Course Is Holding Steady

It’s no secret that a career in the trades can lead to a solid career path. In Toronto, demand for mechanics is holding steady over the coming years, with the Government of Canada giving the region a 2 out of 3 star rating for employment outlook.

According to the government’s latest findings, “Employment growth will lead to a moderate number of new positions” within this field in the Toronto region. In addition, it notes that retiring workers will also open up some positions for qualified professionals. For those looking for a career that continues to demonstrate steady demand, training to become a mechanic holds plenty of potential.

Toronto Is Home to the Popular Canadian International AutoShow

For many students, the chance to see a rare luxury vehicle or cutting-edge new concept car is more than a little special. That’s why a top attraction for many aspiring mechanics is Toronto’s famous auto show. Since 1974, Toronto has hosted the annual Canadian International AutoShow. As the country’s biggest auto show, it showcases numerous types of vehicles, including electric cars, autonomous vehicles, trucks, SUVs, concept cars, and more.

The event is held each February at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and draws in over 300,000 visitors on average. They come to see the many vehicles on display—including a number of which debut at the show—across more than 650,000 square feet of exhibit space. If you’re considering taking an auto service technician course, then you might want to stop by the Canadian International AutoShow.

Auto Enthusiasts Will Be Interested to Know That Toronto Is a Hub for Self-Driving Technology

Finally, you may be surprised to learn that Toronto is a leader in the world of self-driving cars. For example, researchers in the city have been studying how to make autonomous vehicles that are safer and friendlier for seniors.

Meanwhile, self-driving cars are also being tested in the city, with Uber trying out its autonomous vehicles here in December 2018. Certain autonomous cars are also legal to drive in Ontario as of January. The MaRS Discovery District in the Downtown Core is even zeroing in on self-driving vehicles, with development sites being set up across Ontario and each one focused on developing a different aspect of the car’s technology. Being in an environment filled with so many advancements can be a wonderful source of inspiration for mechanic students! It’s another exciting reason to consider training to become an auto service technician in Toronto.

Several initiatives are ongoing in Toronto to help develop autonomous cars
Several initiatives are ongoing in Toronto to help develop autonomous cars

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