Looking for an Automotive School in Montreal? 3 Great Reasons to Choose ATC

The automotive industry is one of the most extensive and dynamic industries in the world. In Canada alone, over 162,000 people work in auto technical trades, and the opportunities for  employment continue to grow. 

Employers today are increasingly looking for workers with practical skills and experience that can be applied to real-world jobs. The auto industry is perfect for those who want to apply an in-depth knowledge of automobiles to the field of manual labour. With hands-on shop training and experienced instructors, the Auto Training Centre in Montreal offers its students the opportunity to expand their skill set to meet the demands of a specialized career. 

Here are three great reasons to choose ATC if you’re considering an automotive school in Montreal. 

1. You’ll Upgrade Your Skill Set With Hands-On Training

The goods and service industry is an expansive sector, and one that depends upon the work of skilled trades people. For that reason, there’s always a high demand for trained professionals that can offer their skills to the future of the trade. Pursuing a career as an auto mechanic will provide you with the tools and knowledge for a life-time of employment. 

If you want to become an auto mechanic in Montreal, an automotive school will train you to examine, diagnose, and repair the numerous components of an automobile. During an auto mechanic training program, professional instructors will provide you with hands-on experience working with industry tools and practical in-shop training. You’ll learn the essentials of servicing tires, brake systems, suspensions, as well as preventative maintenance and electrical fundamentals. The auto mechanic certification in Montreal requires 6000 working hours, after which you will be a certified mechanic in the province of Quebec. 

If you’re looking to expand your skill set and secure your footing in a professional trade, automotive school offers a rewarding path to practical employment. 

Gain hands-on experience that you can apply to careers in the auto industry

2. You Can Put Your Skills to Work After Automotive School in Montreal

After you complete your automotive training, numerous entry-level positions await, and with huge opportunities for advancement in the field. With formal training, students will not only learn the relevant skills of the trade, but also stand out from other candidates. Many employers prefer, or even require, their workers to hold a certification from an accredited program. In that case, studying at ATC’s automotive school in Montreal can increase your chances of gaining industry employment. Entry-level positions for skilled workers typically include automotive detailer, tire installer, maintenance technician, and brake and alignment specialist.

Professional training can help students to land successful entry-level positions in the automotive industry, and to launch their career in any direction they choose. Trained workers might advance to positions as fuel specialists, automotive service technicians, and shop managers. High quality teaching and career placement assistance means that auto businesses in Montreal regularly hire graduates from ATC. With hands-on training and expert guidance from instructors, graduates will be ready to jump feet first into the workplace. 

Prepare for entry-level positions with automotive school in Montreal

3. Gain the Knowledge to Specialize in Different Areas

The automotive industry is both varied and specialized, with new career opportunities emerging for skilled workers interested in different aspects of the field. With the right training, you can specialize in traditional areas, such as mechanics, wheels and brakes, collision repair, or detailing. Nowadays there are even more options, with new technologies paving the way for cutting-edge fields such as vehicle electronics. 

Automotive school will equip you with an in-depth knowledge of vehicle construction, as well as practical experience using new technologies and equipment. With a formal foundation, graduates of automotive school will have the skills to carve their own career based on their specialized interests in the auto industry.

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