Considering Automotive School? Discover How Rolls Royce Is Electrifying Luxury

The Rolls-Royce motor car brand can lay strong claims to being the gold standard for cars in the high-end luxury category. The cars that roll out from this maker’s assembly yard feature all the bells, whistles, cutting-edge technology and innovations that make them as premium as they are priced. So it is no surprise that the carmaker is gearing up to enter the electric vehicle space that is all the rage in the automobile industry. 

Rolls-Royce is set to test the waters in the fledgling electric vehicle market with its 2023 rollout of the Spectre car. And while we expect that it will make a huge splash in the process, we have looked at the carmaker’s electrification plans. In this blog, we discuss how Rolls Royce impacts the electric vehicle industry. And if you’re considering an automotive school, the prospects of a luxury EV vehicle should interest you. 

The Electric Car Drive

With the recent drive to facilitate more sustainable development in today’s society, the world’s biggest manufacturers are starting to go the green way. Gasoline engines and powertrains are beginning to make way for electric drivetrains, paving the way for the electrification of urban transportation. Rolls-Royce has perfected plans to make this transition, with the launch of its Spectre line of vehicles planned for release in 2023.

Current and future Rolls Royce electric cars will be explored during hybrid and electrical mechanic training
Rolls Royce is the first luxury car brand to fully embrace the electric car drive, as you’ll discover in hybrid and electrical mechanic training.

This car will retain the glamour and style synonymous with the Rolls-Royce brand, only replacing its CO2 emissions with the depletion of an electric charge. The Spectre counts a power consumption of 4.67* km/kWh 21.5* kWh/100km. On a single charge, it is expected to cover a range of 600 km, and its dual-motor all-wheel-drive system is projected to deliver 563 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque. 

This figure translates to an all-powered performance that still manages to give off the elegance and airs that is the trademark of the Rolls Royce brand. Industry experts project this vehicle will pull significant market weight and break ground in EV technology. And it is a prospect that excites its exclusive drivers’ roster and others in hybrid and electric vehicle mechanic careers. 

The Rolls-Royce Electrification Strategy

While Rolls-Royce does not intend to immediately phase out its renowned V12 gasoline engines with the launch of its Spectre line, it has its markers set out for the gradual electrification of its product line. The carmaker plans to roll out its ultra-luxury EV line with flexibility that combines the best of its electric drivetrains with the novel EV technology. This smart technology features on the roster of most hybrid and electrical mechanic training programs.

However, it is expected that the launch of the Spectre is the first in a long line of electric rollouts that will eventually mark the company’s transition to a fully-fledged electric future.

The Rolls Royce Spectre may be just the first on a list of electric luxury cars produced by the brand to be explored in our automotive school
As you’ll discover in automotive school, the Rolls Royce Spectre is set to mark the company’s transition to a fully-fledged electric future.

So what you get is a vehicle that delivers long-range travel on an electric charge, combined with the luxurious touch that is the staple of the Rolls-Royce brand. The car’s interior design features bespoke controls wrapped in posh fabric and set against an aesthetically pleasing surround. And while the interior is handcrafted to an intricate finish, the Starlight doors stand out with their 4796 backlit perforations. 

Beyond its lush design and dapper looks, this car features an intelligent design that counts 141,200 sender-receiver functions and over 25,000 sub-functions. With 7 kilometres of cabling and a brain capable of the most complex data processing, the car can call on over ten driver assistance systems. 

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