If You’re in Automotive School, Look Out for the Genesis GV70 in 2021

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The upcoming Genesis GV70 is a fresh, exciting take on the typical SUV. Hyundai’s luxury brand has unveiled plans for the fifth model in its lineup. First previewed last October, the all-new 2022 GV70 is expected to hit Canadian dealerships in the second half of this year. Genesis’ second crossover SUV model—the first being the GV80—is sure to provide drivers with style, comfort, power, and high-tech features in equal measure.

Although details regarding the GV70 model available in Canada are still limited, this is a sport utility vehicle with plenty for auto mechanics and car enthusiasts alike to love. Here’s what you need to know about the Genesis GV70.

It’s a Fantastic-Looking Vehicle, Both Inside and Out

One of the Genesis GV70’s biggest calling cards is its slick, refined exterior. This SUV comes complete with Genesis’ own distinctive “Crest Grille”—a large, pentagon-shaped version of the component inspired by the Korean luxury manufacturer’s logo. Drivers will also notice the GV70’s quad headlamps, sharp body crease, a blackout trim in the Sport Package variant, and a roofline that drivers would typically see on a coupe. Buyers also get rims as long as 21 inches, as well as two illuminated LED strips on the car’s optional front clusters. 

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Inside the GV70, you’ll find equally impressive features, such as chrome-accented air vents, dial shifters, a two-spoke steering wheel within its dash, and even mood lighting. The car’s infotainment system is also present on a screen placed atop the dash, and the dash itself takes influence from aircraft wings. All-wheel drive capabilities come standard with the GV70 in Canada.

Students Enrolled in Automotive School Will Love the Power 

Car enthusiasts will be able to choose from two available engines for the GV70: a standard 2.5L turbocharged four-cylinder engine, or a twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6. Depending on which engine the buyer opts for, they can get fantastic horsepower and torque that would impress anyone in auto mechanic training. Although exact numbers are not yet confirmed for the Canadian release, the engines themselves are identical to the ones found in the GV80. In this case, you can expect horsepower to be around 300 for the four-cylinder and 375 for the twin-turbo V6. Meanwhile, torque numbers should be around 311 and 391 lb-feet respectively.

Buyers Will Also Have Four Different Drive Modes to Choose From

Not only does the car come equipped with one of two powerful engines, but students in automotive school may notice how the GV70 gives an array of options to different types of car owners. This is especially pertinent with regards to the choice of four drive modes: comfort, custom, eco, and sport. Those who opt for the sport package will also have a Sport Plus mode, with added exterior features like unique bumpers, exhaust tips, and a mesh grille. Based on all of this, Genesis certainly lives up to its philosophy of “athletic elegance.” There are also many excellent safety features that come standard with the GV70. These include Intelligent Speed Limit Assist (which adjusts speed accordingly based on speed limits), Highway Driving Assist II (which allows drivers to activate turn signals to automatically change lanes), and a cruise control system, which automatically slows the vehicle down when approaching a curve.

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