Considering Automotive School? A Day in the Life of an Auto Mechanic

Professional auto mechanics typically conduct general car repairs and maintenance, or hone their skills to specialize in performing a certain service. Ultimately, the nature of their work depends on the types of repairs handled by the auto shop they’re employed at. As an aspiring auto mechanic, you’re probably wondering what the job looks like day in and day out. If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that there’s never a dull moment in this career path.

At ATC, you’ll receive hands-on training in automotive technology. You’ll learn the key elements of the automotive industry, preparing you to transition easily into a hands-on career. When you become familiar with what a day on the job looks like for a typical auto mechanic, you can be more prepared to confidently begin training to become a mechanic. Read on to learn more.

How an Auto Mechanic Starts Their Day After Automotive School

As an auto mechanic, you’ll be expected to contribute to the operations of an auto shop, performing general maintenance and repairs after completing your automotive school training. In the morning, you may be tasked with opening the shop. To ensure that everything is in order before the workday begins, you’ll arrive about half an hour or so before the shop doors open to review any messages from customers that you may have missed, prepare auto service stations, and tidy up the shop.

Next, you’ll take stock of the vehicles which need to be serviced, requiring you to review the schedule for the day ahead, and determine what types of repairs or maintenance you’ll be performing. Once you’ve organized everything you need for the day, you’re ready for the real work to start.

As a mechanic, you may choose to specialize in one area you’re passionate about

The Daily Responsibilities of an Auto Mechanic

After setting up for the day, you’ll complete a variety of responsibilities, depending on the vehicles that enter the shop and the scheduling needs of your auto shop. Throughout the business day, your responsibilities may include general vehicle tune-ups, oil changes, wheel alignment, tire changes, operating and servicing hydraulic brake systems, diagnosing and repairing ignition systems, repairing electrical work, and much more. You’ll also help plan auto work procedures, provide estimates, interact with customers, schedule work orders, and order auto parts. Performing general tasks around the auto shop gives you the foundation to hone the skill set you developed during auto mechanic school, perfecting your craft. 

After automotive school, you’ll master the trade as you work on various auto repair tasks around the shop

Wrapping Up for the Day

After completing the last of the service or repair orders, you’ll begin to wrap up your day. As a first step, you might update the logs of repairs which were completed or are still being worked on. Logging notable issues and updates improves transparency, and keeps customers and other mechanics informed throughout the repair process. Next, you’ll conduct a quick clean of the repair shop, ensuring that no hazardous parts are left out, and that all tools and equipment are returned to the location where they’re stored. Once everything is put away, you can finally close up shop. While the typical workday of an auto mechanic might be busy, given the variety of tasks you complete, there will hardly be a dull moment!

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