In Automotive School? Check Out the Most Bizarre Driving Laws Around the World

Imagine a world without speed limit regulations or driver’s license requirements. Not only would this be unsafe, it would probably be pretty chaotic. Countries around the world have developed a vast range of driving laws over the years, all with the goal of keeping drivers safe on the roads. If you’re in automotive school, you might already be pretty familiar with Canada’s driving regulations, but these examples of driving laws in a few countries around the world might come as a surprise to you. 

Keep reading to discover the most bizarre driving laws in effect around the world.

Those in Auto Mechanic School Will Be Surprised By these Driving Laws in Spain

In Spain, there are some very specific laws in place when it comes to driving while listening to music. Many drivers listen to the radio or play music through their speakers during their daily commute. However, in Spain, it’s against the law to have the radio on while filling up at a gas station. Additionally, as is the case in some other countries, it’s illegal to drive wearing headphones in Spain, whether you’re talking on the phone or playing music. 

Eating and Driving Don’t Go Together in Cyprus

Cyprus has some strict laws in place regarding food and driving that those in auto mechanic training might find to be rather peculiar. Drivers must keep two hands on the steering wheel at all times. In order to emphasize this rule, Cyprus has made it a law that drivers are not allowed to eat or drink while operating a vehicle. Even drinking water is prohibited. This law doesn’t just apply to moving vehicles – driver’s cannot eat or drink inside their car even when it is stopped or parked.

In Cyprus, drivers must keep two hands on the wheel at all times

The United States is Full of Interesting Driving Rules

The United States has many interesting driving laws, given that it’s within the power of each individual state to develop some of their own driving regulations. In California, a strangely specific law makes it illegal for women to operate a vehicle in their bathrobe, requiring that they are fully dressed before hitting the road. In Massachusetts, an official law states that anyone caught driving with a gorilla (yes, gorilla!) in the back of their vehicle is subject to ticketing. In Hawaii, it’s actually legal for drivers to transport passengers in the back of their pickup truck. However, the occupants must be over 12 years of age and the seats inside the truck must be full. One last interesting law in the United States comes from Derby, Kansas. This law prohibits “screeching tires,” subjecting all drivers caught burning out their tires to a fine—and in some cases, even a short prison sentence!

Russia Wants Drivers to Keep Their Vehicles Clean

If you’ve attended automotive school, chances are you’ve seen some dirty cars in your day. However, you’ve probably never considered that in some countries, drivers of dirty vehicles can be fined. Russia has many laws targeted at keeping public areas clean, and in Moscow, one of these laws is directed at vehicle owners. Moscow motorists are not allowed to drive a dirty vehicle, especially if dirt is obscuring the lettering of a car’s registration plates. Drivers who ignore this rule can be subject to a hefty fine.

Drivers in Moscow, Russia must keep their vehicles clean

Germany Has Laws in Place Surrounding the Famous Autobahn

The Autobahn is a world-famous highway network located in Germany, well known for having no speed limit in place. In order to keep drivers safe on this fast road, Germany has implemented some laws that may seem strange to those who aren’t familiar with how the Autobahn works. As an example, drivers are required to have enough fuel at all times when driving on the Autobahn. It’s considered negligent to run out of fuel on this highway, as stopping on the side of the road is not only highly dangerous—but also illegal. On the Autobahn, drivers must keep moving at all times to prevent accidents.

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