If You’re in Automotive School, Here’s What You Should Know About Using Audatex Estimating

If you’re interested in becoming an automotive service advisor, you’ll need industry education, hands-on training, and the knowledge of a few specific tools and platforms that will help you assess and estimate damaged vehicles. One of those platforms is the Audatex Estimating – a cloud-based system that provides claim estimation solutions to automotive professionals.

At ATC Toronto, you’ll receive practical training that will help you launch a successful career in the automotive service industry. You’ll learn about automotive systems, product knowledge, parts management procedures, parts pricing and service charges, and much more. In addition, you will be introduced to automated estimating and the Audatex platform. Read on to learn more.

Work with a Comprehensive Integrated Database After Automotive School

Audatex is a time-saving platform used by more than 20,000 facilities and insurers dealing with automotive repairs across North America. The platform’s database contains vehicle-specific information and is a highly influential tool in the automotive collision industry, using 3D graphics for analysis. 

Graduates of automotive school can enter a vehicle’s VIN and gain access to all sorts of information. Some such information includes parts numbers, paint decoding, pricing, labour time, and more. Interestingly, Audatex contains information about vehicles dating all the way back to 1970. Audatex also claims that it covers 98% of the vehicles found on the road today. 

Work with tools such as Audatex Estimating after automotive school

Streamlined Communication Integration

Professionals in auto careers, such as service operations specialists, will use Audatex Estimating to exchange information with other repair facilities, independent appraisers, and insurance companies. Audatex has a powerful feature that facilitates communication among all involved parties, efficiently improving productivity and time. It also provides the ability to synchronize claim data and transmit it to the intended parties with the complete audit estimates you want for the vehicles you’re working on. 

Audatex allows users to submit a claim file with all the required information for an estimate. Auto professionals can simply attach documents, police reports, scanned images, photos, and tow bills to the claim file and send it electronically, omitting the need for many phone calls and even fax machines.

Audatex Estimating Makes Reporting Quicker

Throughout your career, you may need to access or send information quickly and within tight deadlines, and searching for reports and information can take a lot of time and energy. With Audatex Estimating, you can easily generate reports that provide all the information you need for new estimates. 

Audatex Estimating ensures generating reports is quicker than before

In fact, Audatex can organize estimates into logical groups, while also colour-coding and adding captions to each report. You may also be delighted to learn that it can generate labour reports that showcase the operations and overlap considerations taken for every car part. 

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